10 Interesting Ways on How to Decorate a Box

10 Interesting Ways on How to Decorate a Box

Packaging boxes will need a bit of colour and design to attract customers. Whether it is sitting on a retail shelf or used to hand-deliver food. A colourful and decorative box is appealing to the eye.

Have you ever wondered why some retail products move quickly from the shelf than others? It all has to do with the way the package is done. And if the package is creative with a lot of colours and imagery, it will ultimately sell the product. An innovative packaging box will make the product stand out; it draws attention and sends a message.

Here are some ideas on how to decorate a box and to make your packaging look distinctive:

1. Patterns

One of the most interesting ways on how to decorate a box is by using patterns. A simple pattern of two or three colours can make a box look attractive. Patterned boxes in a retail store of over 100,000 items are likely to move faster than regular or simple looking boxes. It is a way to differentiate the product and to get the customer interested in what the box contains.

2. Colours

Colours say a lot about your brand and product. Colours are the most significant component of attracting customers even from a distance. They can be powerful as they help trigger emotions compared to other elements such as the shape and graphics. Keep your customers in mind when choosing your colours for the packaging box. Think of their age, gender and background. Try to find out what motivates them to buy and according to that, choose the colours that will boost the presentation of your packaging box.

3. Complementary Designs

The design of your packaging box will depend on the contents. Chocolate and sweet boxes are usually packed and finished with a ribbon. It also makes opening the box a pleasant experience. Gift type boxes will influence the perception of the brand and can even result in repeat purchase from the consumer.

4. Bold Statement

Think about a bold statement you would like to create with your packaging box. It can be a combination of colours, patterns and graphics. Bright colours such as fluorescent green, orange or pink are bold statements that can immediately capture the attention of a passing customer.

5. Stylization

You can emboss or even have an intricate design cut integrated in the packaging box. Today’s technology enables even the most complex design cuts to be easily and effortlessly customized on the packaging.

6. Luxurious

If you are shipping expensive wine or other items, you may want to think about the packaging box you choose. You can get custom made fancy boxes to complement the wine or expensive item. You can combine perfect printed design and other accessories such as ribbons to enhance the experience of opening the box.

7. Imagery

Imagery is eye-catching and can explain the contents of the box. It can be simple imagery like just the logo and pastel colours or bold imagery that will get customers curious. Try to think of imagery that is unique and never tried on the packaging. Associate the imagery with contents of the box.

8. Story Telling

You can use vector art to tell a story of the product. Customers are drawn to packages that tell a story to help them understand more about the product. A story will fascinate the customer and get them to ask more about the product. Try to tell a story about how the product was developed, how it can solve a problem, or how your company has progressed over the years. Choose a story that will interest the customer and use information that they are likely to seek.

9. Customization

You can customize a box by making it a particular shape and colour. You probably want the product to fit precisely in the box. You can make a box in a round shape, hexagon and even a star shape. You can add your company logo and the brand colours to make it the perfect box for your products.

You can also use the same design imprinted on the product for the box for a complete branding package. Create a box that will enhance and sell products quickly. Produce boxes with handles to make it easy to carry. When your company designs it, the possibilities of your packaging become limitless. Take advantage of customization for the bestselling and customer satisfaction results.

10. Interior Colouring

Use every inch of the box to make a difference. Even though the interior is not instantly visible, it will be when the customer opens the box. You want the experience to be complete from the time the customer spotted the box to the time they opened it.

You can consider using the interior for adding information or a few images. You can even add high-quality tissue paper inscribed with your logo. Try to impress your customer with the entire package and not just the outside of the box.


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