11 Different Types of Apartments in Big Cities

11 Different Types of Apartments in Big Cities

Are you tired of paying rent? Do you want to join the apartment rentals business? Getting information on what types of apartments to buy can be a tough job. This guide is meant to help you navigate through the different types of apartments and make an informed decision.

Below are the 11 different types of apartments you may find in a big urban city:

1. Bachelor Apartments

Also known as studio apartments, they are the simplest of the apartment types. A studio apartment has a large room with a bathroom, a kitchen, a living, and a bedroom. The difference between a bachelor apartment and a flex apartment is that in the latter, the Kitchen and the bathroom are separate from the other room. They are cheap and found in high-end areas where life and work are less stressful.

As the name suggests, bachelor apartments are suitable for single people because the house can shelter an individual. They are however easy to maintain and, as an owner, you enjoy common services like cleaning and security, which are offered by the management.

2. Flex Apartments

These are convertible apartments set up as 1 bedroom or 2 bedrooms. They offer a large space that can be converted into an extra bedroom. Installing a pressurized wall, for instance, in an open area such as the dining or living room creates an additional room. A flex apartment is a great idea for a home buyer who wants to save some money while securing an apartment that can accommodate more people.

3. Alcove Studio Apartments

This is a one-room studio with an alcove. The apartment features an L-shaped area used as a sleeping or dining area. They are generally rectangular with the alcove at one end. The advantage of alcove studio over a normal studio is the privacy of your sleeping area.

You can also choose to leave the space completely open if you want to enjoy a larger, open and spacious apartment. Alternatively, use screens, hang curtains or shelving units for extra privacy. Alcove studio apartments are pretty cheap and popular.

4. Loft Apartments

Loft apartments have a large open floor plan. They are usually a conversion of commercial buildings to residential houses. They feature industrial aesthetic, high ceilings and windows and sometimes exposed beams and brick walls.

With a loft apartment, you have the liberty to give your large open space a unique arrangement and change from time to time. You can add to the aesthetics as much as you wish and create a cozy atmosphere according to your taste. Loft apartments provide you with the possibility of open living and plenty of light. They are indeed good value for your money.

5. Junior 1-Bedroom Apartment

A junior 1-bedroom apartment is larger and more elaborate than the studio apartment. It may feature a separate sleeping area for you and a kitchen-cum-dining area. A junior one-bedroom upgrades the studio apartment living experience to give you a better feeling of more space and privacy.

6. Junior 4 Apartment

A junior 4 apartment derives its name from its features of four rooms. It offers you a separate bedroom, a kitchen, a living room, and an extra small room. A junior 4 apartment differs with a typical 1-bedroom apartment because of the extra small room, which you can convert to suitable use.

7. Three-Room Apartment

A three-room apartment has three rooms connected by doors and no hallway. They have the other necessary features such as bathroom and kitchen. A three-room apartment is not considered a two bedroom because of its layout. They are less expensive than typical two-bedroom apartments.

8. A Two-Bedroom Apartment

A two-bedroom apartment has a layout consisting of bedrooms, a living area, a kitchen, and a spacious bathroom. It is ideal for people or rather friends who want to share an apartment. A two-bedroom apartment with a smaller living space and kitchen is called a wing two bedroom.

9. The Classic Six

They are typically found in old pre-war buildings. They are generally a three-bedroom apartment featuring a large dining room, a living room, and a separate kitchen. If you have a taste for the retro style, this could be just what you need.

10. The Duplex or Triplex Apartments

Duplex apartments are very luxurious. They offer a unique style of living. They may consist of two or three floors, each dedicated to a specific function.

11. The Garden Apartment

These types of apartments are found mostly on the ground floor of townhouses. They offer direct access to the back garden of a building. The windows are higher up on the wall because the apartment may be partially below the ground. If you are invigorated by watching natural sceneries, consider getting a garden apartment.

Buying an apartment is a great investment. Whether you are an investor looking to grow your business, or you are looking for inexpensive accommodations, the information provided here will guide you in making a sound decision on the type of apartment to buy.


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