11 Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Men

11 Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Men

If you’re looking to have a man’s man kind of birthday party, you’re going to need the right combination of birthday party ideas to pull it off. Many birthday party ideas online are usually reserved for small children or family-friendly events. If you’re throwing a male-only birthday though, you’ve got a whole other kit of options to consider. Whether you’re a friend throwing a party for a friend or a lady hosting a birthday for her lovely beau, you’ve got plenty of birthday party ideas to explore.

Here are 11 unique birthday party ideas for men of all ages:

1. Make-your-own Alcoholic Beverage Party

An easy birthday party idea for men to get you started with is a make-your-own beverage bar. There are two ways to do this. The first is a DIY bar where a man and his friends can make the attempt to come up with their own unique concoctions. A make-your-own bar like this can be a fun activity to build around. If that sounds way too expensive, surprise your birthday guy with a pre-made birthday beverage named after him. Use your own creativity to see what you can deliver.

2. Make-your-own Taco Party

Who doesn’t love a taco – no one, that’s who! If you’re going to have a birthday party for men where alcohol is served, you may want to add in a fun party food along with it. Tacos, mojitos, or something similar which can be customized is always appreciated. Set up bowls of ingredients and let the men play! Inexpensive and perfect for any sports-themed party, it’s like bringing a sports bar vibe right to you.

3. Creating a Gourmet Burger Bar

If your man is a meat-eater, an always reliable birthday party idea can be a make-your-own burger station. Cook your meats and then, set up your stations. Sure, you can have the obvious cheese, lettuce, tomato, and sauces, but you can also throw in unexpected toppings like pineapples and fruit, peanut butter, chocolate, and more. Make it fun!

4. Black-and-White Dapper Birthday Party

If you want to enjoy a fancy schmancy birthday party, grab some friends and enjoy a black-and-white themed party. Think checkered patterns, fake tuxedos, some fine scotch, and a matching cake.

5. Rustic, Vintage or Camping in the Woods!

If you’re planning for a birthday party for a man who loves rustic, vintage, or a woodsy vibe, a camping trip overnight is not a bad idea! You don’t need to go far to camp. Bring the acoustic guitar, pitch your tent out underneath the night skies, and maybe even go fishing. There’s plenty of ideas you can explore being out in the woods.

6. Sports-Themed Birthday Party Idea

This birthday party idea for men falls low on our list just because it’s one of the more obvious choices. If you’re throwing a party for a guy who has a favourite sports team, build your whole event around those colors. Party decorations, the cake, your party favors, and everything. A sports-themed party can be very fun and can also be combined with some of the other ideas on this list.

7. A ‘Minis’ Theme for His Birthday Party

If you’re throwing a birthday for someone who lives by the motto ‘bigger is better’, this isn’t the right birthday to throw them. A minis theme means serving everything in smaller versions of what you’d expect. Instead of burgers, go with sliders. Buy mini versions of beer mugs and serve up beverages accordingly. Make tiny grilled sandwiches. Shop minis at local shops, Walmart, and elsewhere.

8. Fitness Challenges

Men who love fitness will love something like an obstacles course, outdoors fitness challenge, or something similar to push themselves on. Grab a group of guys and see who’s the strongest, or you may be able to find a team-based activity you can work towards together. If you’re looking for something less fitness-intense, there’s paintballing, scavenger hunts, and murder-mysteries to solve.

9. Skydiving

Anyone who’s willing to throw themselves out of an airplane is pretty nuts, admittedly. For those that have done it though, it’s also very freeing. It can be the perfect birthday activity for a man over forty or anyone who is feeling even remotely challenged by their age.

10.  Going on a Tour

Tours and related events are a great way to celebrate a birthday for man. Think brewery tours, whiskey tours, cave tours, architectural tours, wine tasting events, and similar events. Tours like these are also a great way to explore a city. If you want to get out of your local area – although we know it’s a little more elaborate than the other birthday ideas for men on this list – jetting to your favourite city provides new activities and can be a great way to escape the day-to-day.

11. Board Games and Beer

There’s nothing wrong with staying inside and enjoying a night-in with only your best friends. Choose a favourite board game, one you’ve never played before, or one that you’ve always wanted to play. Dress in your PJs, put together some unique goody-bags for whomever pulls out the win, and have fun!


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