3 Office Cleaning Myths You Should Ignore

3 Office Cleaning Myths You Should Ignore

There is a huge difference between cleaning a home and an office. While cleaning your house is easy to get the hang of, the same is not true about cleaning the office yourself. You spend time more productively doing your job than cleaning an office by yourself.

Encouraged by myths, many people adopt unhealthy cleaning practices. Some of these myths include the assumption that commercial cleaning is unaffordable, that cleaners cannot be trusted, among others. As a result, people take too much of their time trying to figure out who to hire.

The problem with myths is they sound so true people believe them. To avoid falling into this trap, let us bust some of these myths and demystify cleaning.

1. I Can Do It Myself

It may sound enviable, and perhaps even a challenge you feel drawn to take up, but cleaning an office by yourself is not a good idea. Even if you can do it, surely you must have other more important tasks that demand your attention. The same case goes for your employees; their time is better spent working on what you pay them a salary for than mopping floors. Failing to hire a commercial cleaning company thinking your employees will do it is a misguided strategy.

If they can clean without any murmurs, you are lucky to have them. The reality, however, is that employees can hardly do menial tasks such us wiping the counter, sanitizing the bathroom, cleaning the fridge, or take out their own trash. They have ‘better’ things to do with their personal time. If you are lucky, you might convince them to take their trash out every Friday. It just makes more sense to outsource your cleaning tasks to a professional commercial cleaning company with a reputation for a spotless service.

2. Office Cleaning Is Not a Priority

Although you may have other important tasks, office cleaning must be one of them. When someone enters an office, they may not immediately notice how spotlessly clean it is, but they will notice how dirty and unkempt it is if cleaning is not prioritized.

In fact, your office’s level of cleanliness is a reflection of the quality of service you offer. A dirty office leaves a customer wondering what else is neglected and may negatively influence their decision to work with you. A clean environment motivates employees and helps them to focus on their work. This, in turn, increases their efficiency and productivity.

3. Commercial Grade Products Are Not Necessary

Actually, they are. The spare cleaning items you have at home are not sufficient or appropriate for cleaning your office. You are most likely going to need more cleaning products besides what you have at home. In any case, there are many harmful cleaning products in the market. You don’t want to expose yourself, your employees, the environment and your property to such products.

You can avoid these by contracting a professional cleaning company that understand the different range of commercial cleaning products in the market. Using the wrong products can negatively affect your indoor air quality and damage your surfaces. With a professional office cleaning company, you get a sanitary, spotless, and safe service.

Cleaning your office should not be a do-it-yourself task. You will use your time and that of your staff better on other key tasks instead of expending it on laborious, repetitive cleaning tasks. A professional commercial service is your best bet for a spotlessly clean and hygienic office. Besides their experience, they use recommended cleaning products that do not downgrade your indoor air quality or damage workstation and other office surfaces.


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