4 Reasons Why Business Cards Still Matter

4 Reasons Why Business Cards Still Matter

In these times where technology is a “must” and it seems like everything on earth must be available in digital format, a traditional business card may seem like a quaint notion from the past. However, they are just as important as ever. Here are just a few of the reasons why business cards still matter.

1. That Personal Touch

While high-tech certainly has its place in the modern world, sometimes you just want something more personal to represent your business. That is where a business card comes into play. By handing someone your business card directly, you can make eye contact with them and really cement yourself into their memory. This is how many great business relationships start. While some may argue it is much too easy to lose a business card, how easy is it to delete a text or an email? Business cards are something physical that we can all hang on to. For more information, visit the The Printing House website.

2. First Impressions

It has been said that first impressions are everything. When you hand someone your business card, it means you have taken the time to create a physical representation of your business. More people are impressed by a nice-looking business card than they are by just another text number or email address. It also provides the client with all of your contact information in a format they won’t soon forget.

3. Direct Marketing

Unlike emails which may get misdirected into the spam folder, or easily overlooked amongst a mass of others, business cards are tied to a personal memory. Handing someone your card, having a brief conversation, and then ending that meeting with a solid handshake will leave a grand impression versus an impersonal piece of data on the screen.

4. Reputation

No matter what naysayers may declare, people are impressed by someone with a business card. It just makes you seem professional and trustworthy. It breaks through the aura of just being a “fly by night” organization.

There are quite a few reasons why having a business card makes sense for not only but everyone in your company. By having a few always on you, such as in your wallet, you can make sure you are making solid and lasting business connections that can be beneficial for years to come. A business card is never a bad idea.


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