5 Marketing Benefits of Creating a Business Mascot

5 Marketing Benefits of Creating a Business Mascot

We have all seen mascots, right? Those interesting characters that grab your attention and draw you into whatever the mascot is representing. It’s clear that they are a highly effective means of publicity and advertisement, but why is that so? Do all companies need one? How exactly does a silly character in a neat mascot costume help you in the end of it all?

Well, maybe the handy guide that you will find below can offer some answers to your questions and provide some great information as to why you need a company mascot.

1. Personality

Sure, most businesses aren’t exactly in need of a personality, but it does help. It helps a lot, in fact. By creating a friendly, likable face for your company, you create a certain trust and connection with your clientele. One that is both recognizable and enjoyable, therefore bringing in some much needed business for you. Who doesn’t appreciate more business and success, right?

2. Stand Out

The world is populated by so many different businesses, it’s only natural that you may have some very direct competition from another company that is the exact equal match to yours. When this happens, of course, absolutely any leg up on the competition that you can obtain must be taken as soon as possible.

A company mascot is one of the many ways that you can distance yourself from the competition and truly helps you to take ownership of whatever the area of focus your business pertains to. Embracing and nurturing your brand in this way is a surefire way to make a real impact on your customer base.

3. Social Media Presence

Following through with the theme of the previous post, having a competitive edge over your competition in any possible way is a valuable tool. In this age, social media marketing is becoming a very dominate aspect of marketing as a whole. Having a recognizable mascot to show off and play around with on social media can lead to some very successful advertising that you would most likely not have access to with any other marketing tactics.

Of course, you would need to have a very skilled social media marketer behind the scenes, but when a good mascot and a great social media marketer mix, it stands to become a very lucrative attempt at advertising.

4. Engagement

While social media marketing is very attractive at the moment, and looks to remain that way for some time, you simply cannot forget the classics. Naturally, I am referring to stationing your lovable mascot outside your business or at events. This allows the mascot to interact and engage with your clientele, which makes your business look great and leaves behind a good reason for the potential customer to remember your services.

People love seeing a mascot out in the wild, and some may even catch a picture or two with the character. As I’m sure that you are aware, most fun pictures also wind up on social media, thus granting you even more free advertising.

5. Fun

Everyone loves a mascot. I’m sure that a fair amount of readers can think back to childhood and remember begging to visit a certain store simply because of the mascot. A good few of those children simply grew into bigger kids and still have a soft spot for a lovingly crafted mascot, perhaps they may even be subconsciously swayed to visit said store because of said mascot. Business is business, but a bit of fun can make even the blandest of companies a bit sweeter to customers.


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