5 Physical Signs Your Wife Is Cheating on You

5 Physical Signs Your Wife Is Cheating on You

Relationships are hard. We come together with a spark that can grow into love and then we enter into marriage. Taking that vow is a huge commitment and shouldn’t be rushed into because you are committing to one person for life and that means you will only be intimate with them. If that doesn’t work for you then don’t get married. If you can’t be faithful in a marriage, then end it before you stray.

While that seems like the right way to handle the situation, some spouses want to have their cake and eat it too. They want the secure life you both built but also want to get intimacy on the side.

You may suspect that your wife is having an affair but how do you know? Look for these common physical signs your wife is cheating:

Sign #1: Your wife pays more attention to her looks.

When you start a relationship most people present themselves in their best light. They dress up and use make up to attract you and keep you interested. Over time, that allure changes to a commitment of love and you realize more important things in your relationship. There’s nothing wrong with looking amazing but if you see a change in your wife and how she wants to show herself off, she may be cheating.

New clothes and hairstyles mean she wants to get noticed. She may start to wear a new perfume or put on more make up when going out. If this is how she always presents herself then that’s fine but if she suddenly changes her outward look in public, be wary.

Sign #2: Your wife spends more time with single friends.

When she starts spending socializing with friend especially those single ones is another physical signs your wife is cheating. There is nothing wrong with having friends. You probable had some before your marriage and that shouldn’t change. What does change is the frequency of how much you see them. Your spouse should be #1 and getting together with friends an occasional thing.

If your wife starts going out more with her pals rather that stay in with you, it is cause for concern. She may be using them as an excuse to look for a new lover. Or she may already have one and meets up with him instead. When she spends time with friends is it for a lunch of dinner? Or is it out dancing or going to parties. If she would rather spend time out with other people than with you, she may be cheating.

Sign #3: Your wife is always on her phone.

In this modern era, we all have smart phones. At any time we can call, email, text or message friends, family and each other because we are connected 24/7. While this is the new way to communicate, some people take it too far. This is usually the younger generation that has virtual relationships where they constantly text and message each other. If it seems like your wife is obsessed with her phone, you may have some problems.

If she takes her phone everywhere she goes, room to room, that is a warning sign. A cheater will keep her phone by her side so no one can see any alerts from her social apps. Does she let you use her phone? If not there is probably things on there she doesn’t want you to see. Ask to use her phone and see what she says. If she hands it over without a thought you may be in the clear.

But if she doesn’t and makes sure it is locked at all times, there is something, or someone she is hiding. To confirm, use a private investigator to observe your cheating spouse and collect evidence of her infidelity.

Sign #4: The intimacy is gone from your marriage.

When you first get together you were probably very physical. That is part of the attraction in a new relationship and it’s what connects you. As you relationship grows you move into a deeper intimacy beyond just the physical. This is a sexual and emotional connection that you develop over time and it is what keeps couples happy and connected.

If you are seeing a shift in your personal relationship under the sheets and beyond, there may be a sinister reason. If the sex in less frequent of not at all there is trouble. We all want to have that sexual connection so if she isn’t having it with you, she may be finding it somewhere else.

Sign #5: The relationship is not rosy.

Do you find that you are fighting more with your wife? Is she acting distant? Is she just going through the moves without much emotion? A clear sign that your wife is cheating is if she isn’t happy at home. We all go through rough patches but if it seems she is miserable all the time, it may be because her exciting life is with another man. Watch and see if she is cold with other family and friends. If it is just with you then she may have found a new lover.

These are hard signs to look for and even harder to discover. No one wants to be cheated on but it is important for your own well being to find out if your wife has strayed. Look for these physical signs of cheating and if one or more reflects your wife’s actions, it may be time to investigate further before you get hurt anymore.


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