5 Procedures to Safely Secure Your House

5 Procedures to Safely Secure Your House

While it’s normal to think of your house as a safe and happy place, statistics can paint a very different picture. According to statistics Canada as of 2015 one in every 28 households will fall victim to a burglary. Not only that but once your home has been broken into once, you are 12 times more likely to fall victim to the crime again.

These numbers aren’t exactly positive and can certainly make a homeowner think twice about how they keep their home safe and secure. While you can’t guarantee your home will be 100% safe, there are a number of measures you can take that will help increase the odds of it being kept secure. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Install a Security Alarm System

Nowadays there is no shortage of security alarm systems that can be installed that range from a basic system to one with all kinds of high tech features such as video cameras, the ability to scan your home from your mobile phone, access the system and door locks while away, voice communication with the security system and/or the intruder, and more.

When shopping around for the ideal system you will want to consider such things as how large your house and property are, whether or not you have pets and/or small kids, if you want remote access to your system, how it is monitored, the response time, and the cost of the system.

2. Ensure Your Locks are In Good Working Condition

Broken or missing locks on doors and windows are a sure-fire way to find yourself as a victim of a break and enter. Over time it’s perfectly normal to have a lock break or stop working properly, but when this does happen you want to repair or replace it immediately. You can find locksmiths that offer 24-hour emergency services, which means they are always available to help you out and keep your home safe.

3. Keep Your Property Well-Lit

Take a walk around your property in the evening hours and focus on how well lit it is. All doorways should feature a light, even if it’s motion-sensor, with bright bulbs. As well you can install lights in walk paths, through your garden, and yard. A burglar wants to get in and out without being detected, so they don’t like well-lit properties.

4. Cut Back Bushes and Shrubs that Provide Cover

While you are examining the exterior of your home take a look at your bushes and shrubs. Any overgrown or particular large varieties can act as cover so you will want to groom them and cut them back. You may also want to keep large bushes away from doorways, just so that they can’t act as possible hiding spots.

5. Make Sure it Looks Like Someone is Home

This final tip is especially important if you are planning on going on vacation or spend long hours away from your house. You never want your house to look empty, instead it should look like someone is always home. What this means is that you don’t want newspapers and packages piling up at the front door, the grass should be cut and well-maintained, and lights should come on at nighttime.

If you aren’t there to do these things, have a trusted neighbour collect your mail, hire someone to cut the grass, and install timers on your lights.

Each of these tips will help ensure that your house stays as safe and secure as possible, whether you are there watching over it or not. Why take the chance of becoming just another statistic and victim.


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