5 Sure Ways to Grow a Staffing Agency

5 Sure Ways to Grow a Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies are often tasked with growing other businesses by supplying them with talented workers. So, it can’t be easy for an agency to overlook its staffing growth as well. Whether it is an agency that specializes in permanent or temporary staffing solutions, growth is necessary. There are two approaches to growing a staffing agency, including optimizing your recruitment function to get more client and delivering more value to them. Here is how a staffing agency can prepare for growth and find the right clients.

1. Develop Relatable Approaches

Maintaining a steady flow of clients is the most significant challenge that staffing agencies face. Staffing firms must convince their candidates that their staffing approaches are a perfect fit. One smart way to show your candidates that you value their time is to offer them a range of lucrative career opportunities. A few techniques to get a staffing agency known out there and attract more candidates can include sponsoring community events and marketing.

2. Differentiation

Attracting talented candidates and lowering rates can bring in more business to a staffing firm. However, that’s not the only thing that makes a staffing firm stand out from the pack. The best value proposition that a staffing firm can give its clients is exceptional services. Committing to provide your clients with a positive experience would result in more business and a good reputation.

3. Automation

The smartest way to improve the performance of a staffing firm is to cut down on unnecessary costs. And of course, there is no better way to cut costs than tasks automation, right? Accelerating and automating recruitment firms can boost office morale, which translates to high productivity and improved efficiency. Automating repetitive and mundane tasks gives recruitment experts ample time to get more done.

4. Utilize Productivity Enhancing Tools

A recruitment firm needs to acquire new clients and candidates, but this shouldn’t be the only area of focus. Tons of productivity and focus are required to grow a recruitment firm. However, productivity-enhancing tools can help keep workers at their best amidst distractions at work. More resources can be found at Global Human Resource Centre or speak with one of their experts if you require additional insights.

5. Hire the Right People

A recruitment firm can’t succeed without hiring the right people. A successful staffing agency is built around finding the right and talented candidates for their clients. However, that doesn’t mean that a recruitment agency should spend all its resources on acquiring new candidates. Research claims that placed candidates can be a reliable source of referrals for new talents. So, agencies should consider asking their workers to refer them to their network. Referrals are recommended by people you already know and trust, so you can be sure they will be good prospects. Also, placed candidates know the competency and skill-level required to join their agency’s roster.


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