5 Tips for Optimizing Your Vape Settings

5 Tips for Optimizing Your Vape Settings

Most people that vape will tell you that there is a technique involved. For instance, some people focus on blowing a large vapor, while others are more concerned with making sure they have the perfect flavor. Either way, you’ll want to optimize your settings for maximum enjoyment. Check out the tips below for achieving that goal.

1. Experiment with the Settings

A great way to figure out which vape settings are best for you is by experimenting with different options. For instance, if you change the temperature, you’ll change how hot the coil gets. Why is this important? Because the taste of different flavors will be determined by the heat. Since flavor is a very personal thing, you’ll have to try various settings until you reach what’s ideal for you. Sometimes the type of coil used will determine the taste of the juice.

2. Choose a Bottom-Coil

There is more than one type of coil and the one you choose will dictate the quality of the flavor. It’s believed that a bottom-coil is the best option because it does a great job of boosting the flavor. Different brands offer different types of coils and they’re made from a range of materials. Notably, the bore is the most important part of the coil and it can determine the type of cloud that’s produced.

3. Select Liquids with a High PG

Another way to make sure you have a flavor that’s pure is with propylene glycol (PG). Liquids with high PG levels are more potent. However, if you want a smoother experience, you can choose liquids with a low PG percentage. Another option is vegetable glycerin (VG), which is used instead of PG and provides a sweeter flavor.

4. Clean E-Cigarettes Regularly

If you truly want to optimize the settings of your e-cigarette, you’ll want to start with a clean unit. That’s because vaping without cleaning an e-cigarette will drastically change the taste and potency of the flavor. Similarly, you’ll want to change the wick because that will also contribute to the potency of the flavor.

5. Try Different Settings

Which setting is best will depend on your focus and what makes vaping enjoyable to you. For instance, if you don’t care much about the cloud that can be produced and your focus is just on the flavor, you’ll want to choose the right coil and identify the type of flavor that fits your taste.

The bottom line is that finding the right vape setting takes time. You’ll need to follow the instructions provided in the kit as you figure out what works best for you. To learn more, the Dashvapes website may be able to provide additional insights.


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