5 Ways to Promote Your Business with Gifts

5 Ways to Promote Your Business with Gifts

As many businesses have discovered, promotional gifts are an extremely effective way to reach out to new potential customers and to maintain relationships with existing ones. Whether you’re a new business just looking to establish your base clientele, or an established global player, promotional products are a tried and true marketing strategy that guarantees results.

1. Cut your marketing budget while getting people’s attention

Promotional gifts offer an opportunity for a low-cost marketing method that drives customers. Study after study confirms the staying power of gifts. In fact, a study by the Promotional Products Association International states that 94 per cent of people remember where they received a promotional product gift. Those are pretty hard numbers to argue with for a strategy that can be accomplished at a very reasonable price.

The same study also revealed that 89% of the consumers said they could recall the advertiser’s name or company name for 24 months after getting the items. Furthermore, promotional products draw an incredible 500% more referrals from customers who are satisfied with the gift items. These numbers are far higher and more consistent than any other marketing tactic and will provide you with peace of mind based on your investment.

2. Give your message even more staying power with a product that lasts

For optimal results, marketers use branded promotional products that the recipients can hang on to for an extended period of time. With some strategic consideration when it comes to selection, and an eye for quality, the promotional gift will be something that helps consumers engage with the brand over and over again. A one-time distribution yields long-term benefits and reinforces brand loyalty. Imagine your own experience receiving a promotional gift, and how you might have even started to refer to that item you use on an everyday basis by citing the company before the name of the object.

3. Make your brand part of their daily routine

Speaking of everyday life, one of the best guiding principles when it comes to selecting a promotional product campaign, is picking items of daily use. Keeping it simple with items like pens, calendars, mouse pads, and water bottles is often the best bet. Of course, this strategy is even more effective when used alongside a larger creative approach that maximizes impact. If the item is something associated with your brand or the services you offer, even better.

4. Instant Brand Recognition

By incorporating a brand’s image into the everyday routine of the customer, the logo and name of the company is guaranteed to hold sway and impart meaning. Consumers will identify the company and immediately be able to associate it with a product or service. A promotional gift that remains in a home, office, or vehicle serves as an everyday reminder and ensures that when the customer encounters the brand elsewhere, they will be able to connect with it immediately.

5. Go out of your way to build customer loyalty and everybody wins

Depending on the type of product or service that you offer, your customers should be purchasing more at different times or year of lifecycle. You want to establish a solid base of loyal customer so that you are the first thing they think of when the need arises. Promotional gifts are very effective at quickly establishing loyalty and driving immediate traffic.

For this reason, make sure that the gift items are innovative and well planned. Working within a larger strategy of TV and newspaper adds, promotional gifts can be the complementary extra that helps push your marketing campaign over the edge.


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