6 Signs Your Home Needs New Paint

6 Signs Your Home Needs New Paint

Everyone wants their home to look great, cosy, and comfortable and every homeowner deserves that. However, many homeowners forget that the paint on the exterior of their homes is the first thing that people see when they come to visit or even drive by on the street.

Peeling, cracked, bubbling, or faded paint can take away from the attractiveness of the house and drive down it’s property value as well. In this list, we will discuss a few of the top signs to let you know it’s time to paint your home.

1. The Paint is Fading

Over time, even the best, most professionally applied paint job is going to start to fade. Sun bleaching and water intrusion are usually the culprits. Dark hues tend to fade faster than light ones, and while it takes several years for the fading to occur, it is bound to happen. If you’ve noticed that your paint job isn’t as vibrant as it once was, it’s time to call in the professionals for a new paint job.

2. The Paint is Bubbling and Cracking

Paint that is bubbling up or cracking is a clear indication that you need a new paint job as soon as possible. These can indicate dry rot, mold, or wet rot due to improper weather proofing. Breezes coming in from the ocean, storms, increased humidity, brutal winters, strong sunlight, and blowing sand can also cause bubbling and cracking. Not only is this bad for your house, but it’s even uglier that the faded paint, so it needs to be taken care of right away.

3. The Paint is Peeling

This is perhaps the biggest and most obvious sign that you need to have the exterior of your home repainted. Peeling is a result of low-quality paint being used to paint a home, as high-quality paint is not supposed to peel. However, conditions such as strong sunlight and brutal winters can play a part in eventual peeling. Not only does peeling paint make your home look worn down and old, it can also expose the walls of your home to damage from the weather.

4. Your Paint is Morphing

It is possible that you won’t get exactly what you were looking for with your paint and within weeks it could start to morph due to UV light exposure. For example, some beige has been known to morph into pink after a few weeks of exposure to the sunlight. Morphing causes the paint to change colours entirely or often just in patches, leaving your home an unsightly mess. There are brands of paint out there that offer protection against UV exposure, but it’s truly best just to leave it to the professionals to be sure.

5. The Wood on Your Home is Rotting or Rotten

If you have noticed that the wood on your home is rotting in places, then it could be because of your paint. Paint is designed to protect the wood underneath and to give your home a gorgeous look, so if that paint is peeling, bubbling, or even fading, it can lead to rotting wood underneath. It’s time to repaint soon or you will eventually end up with more damage and a much greater expense to shell out money for.

6. The Colour has Lost its Appeal

Just because the colour of your home appealed to you a few years ago doesn’t mean that it does now. Repainting your home just because you want another colour is just fine and can improve the value of the property at the same time.

These are just a few of the top signs that it’s time to repaint your home. Look for them, get the home repainted, and you will be fine.


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