7 Best Countries to Retire

7 Best Countries to Retire

While in some countries retired people live on the margins in incredibly hard conditions; in some others, they have a great position and people from all around the world can only be envious. This is definitely related to the conditions of life, the amount of their pension, health insurance, costs of living and other similar things, and all countries from the list of best countries to retire offer much more than some can imagine. Having great conditions when retired is one of the essential things to think of, as you spend whole your life working and waiting for that special moment when you can finally rest and enjoy life to the fullest. It is why it is quite sad to know that for some people real issues start the moment they get retired, as the conditions are awful. Some people decide to move from their country before they get retired, as the conditions are maybe better somewhere else, while some people move when they retire, usually to some serene places, such as villages, mountains, seaside, etc. In both cases, having in mind that Movers Winnipeg may ease the process of moving for you can be quite useful. But, let us go back to the list, as learning more about these best countries to retire may be of a great use to some people. Forbes’ list was an extensive one, while we will present you the most important things to know.

  1. Portugal’s Algarve Region

With relatively low costs of living and a high amount of pension, this region is probably one of the best for retired people. Plus, its beauty is astonishing!

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  1. Valletta, Malta

Having a two-bedroom apartment in Malta is a piece of cake, as renting places here is quite cheap. Living costs are relatively small, making Malta a heaven for retired people.

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  1. Mazatlan, Mexico

This place has a great expat community, so wherever you are from, it will be easy for you to fit. As a retired person, you will have great living conditions, and you will be able to enjoy every day.

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  1. Abruzzo, Italy

This region in Central Italy is not popular at all among people around the world, but it is definitely one of the best for retired people. For example, the cost of living is 30 to 70% less than in Tuscany or Umbria.

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  1. Saint-Chinian, France

If you want to enjoy all kinds of wines and amazing food, this region in France is a perfect for you. Renting a place is much cheaper than in other regions, and your pension will be quite enough to cover your costs.

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  1. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Although Kuala Lumpur is overcrowded with people, it is surrounded by some amazing places and villages, and retired people can find their peace and happiness in this place. Living costs are not expensive, and pensions are quite enough.

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  1. Budapest, Hungary

Believe it or not, Budapest is one of the best places to retire in the world, and this is the only Eastern European country on the list. It offers cheap housing, amazing places, and a friendly atmosphere. All that a retired person needs!

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