7 Business Benefits of Scanning Your Documents

7 Business Benefits of Scanning Your Documents

The storing of paper based records is something that is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Many companies have already made the switch to a digital storing system. The Benefits of scanning all of your documents on a historic and future basis are great in number. Not only are documents much easier to find and organise, you will also be freeing up storage space and in your office and helping to save the planet by going paperless.

1. It’s the future of data storage

There is a reason that more and more companies are choosing to switch to storing their records in the cloud. It is cheaper and easier to maintain than a traditional paper based record system.

2. You can access documents from anywhere

Another huge advantage of scanning documents into an online system is that you can securely access them from anywhere that you have internet access.

This can be a huge advantage as you will not need to wait for someone to manually look through a filing system to get access to a client’s information or a contract. You don’t need to wait for the office to open either. Once all of the documents have been organized by the document scanning service, you will be able to access them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3. Scanned documents are more secure.

By choosing a team of experts to handle the scanning of your documents you can also have a state of the art security system installed so that your company information and the sensitive information that you have on your customers remains secure. Another thing that you can do is set up the system in such a way that not everyone has the same level of access.

For example, you will be able to limit what some employees are able to access and what managers have access to. You can also take this one step further and see who has accessed a file and when. If there is a breach in your security you will be able to find a digital paper trail.

4. You can easily remain compliant.

From the moment your documents are scanned in you can be sure that meeting any compliance regulations that you must observe in your industry are followed to the letter. If you are asked to disclose any records, you will actually be able to do this a lot faster and easier than if you were to stick with an outdated paper based document storage solution.

5. Your documents won’t be damaged

If your office experiences flood or fire damage that would have caused all of your paper based documents to be destroyed, a digital solution can save the day. As your documents will be backed up off site you will still be able to access internal records and client records with the same ease as you did before the damage to your office occurred.

6. Go Green

There are the obvious cost savings that occur when you stop using lots of paper each day and switch to a digital solution. By having all of your existing documents scanned in, you will be able to manage new client requests and form submissions online eventually. This can give your business a much needed PR boost as you have demonstrated that you are interested in helping the environment by lowering your carbon footprint.

7. You will have more room in your office

Think about how much floor space is required to store all of the paper documents that you have. Once all of the paper documents are scanned into the cloud you will be able to convert that space into an office, or even move to a smaller location and double the savings.


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