7 Frequently Asked Questions About Muay Thai Gyms

7 Frequently Asked Questions About Muay Thai Gyms

Muay Thai is a ring sport that allows the use of most parts of the body as weapons. This sport has gained popularity globally due to the fact that it is very effective for self-defence, especially in hand-to-hand combat situations. It also helps you stay physically fit.  Muay Thai has become the most popular form of stand-up combat for mixed martial arts practitioners.

Due to the popularity of this sport, Muay Thai gyms are springing up everywhere. As a result, finding the right Muay Thai gym is important if you want to get the full benefits from the sport. This is because there are many new gyms that claim to offer training in Muay Thai but can’t deliver effectively.
To be sure that you end up in the right gym, there are a number things you need to be on the lookout for.

1. Is it genuine?

There are a number of gyms claiming to offer Muay Thai that are not true gyms. Always be careful to establish whether the Muay Thai gym you want to sign up with is genuine. This is because there are some karate gyms that are falsely claiming to be Muay Thai gyms. Always remember that Muay Thai allows kicks, punches, and the use of elbows, and knees—not just karate-style fighting.

2. Does the instructor have the relevant experience?

A good Muay Thai instructor should have considerable years of experience. Just a couple of years as a Kru (instructor) does not make one a Muay Thai expert. Always make sure your instructor has the relevant experience in the sport.

3. Is the instructor certified?

Always use a certified Muay Thai instructor. Only certified instructors are allowed to enter teams in competitions. If your aim is to compete in this sport, then you should be sure that your instructor is certified.

It takes long hours of commitment and dedication to the sport to earn a certificate in Muay Thai.

4. Is the instructor passionate about the sport?

If your instructor is not passionate about Muay Thai, you will be unlikely to learn much from them. Being an intensive contact sport, Muay Thai requires an equally intense passionate trainer and student. It takes a long time to become an expert in this sport.

Without a passionate instructor and an eager student, it’s hard to endure to the end.

5. Do they have a structured program?

A good Muay Thai gym should offer a comprehensive curriculum that includes drill and a mix of other training methods so as to bring out the best in you.

6. Is the facility well-maintained?

A well-maintained gym is the first sign that a Muay Thai gym is professionally run. A poorly maintained Muay Thai gym should trigger a warning alert that the proprietors may not be serious about the sport and just in it for profits.

7. Are there good testimonials and reviews about the gym?

If current and past clients have good things to say about the gym and its instructors, then you can at least be assured of a satisfactory service. But if past clients don’t have anything good to say about the gym, you will be better advised to keep looking.

Finding a good Muay Thai gym is not an easy task. While all the above tips will most likely help you find a gym that’s the right fit for you, sometimes you may have to trust your gut instinct. If a gym does not feel right for you, then perhaps it isn’t. Don’t be in a hurry to settle on a Muay Thai gym. Take time to sample a few of them before you settle on one that you are comfortable with.


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