7 Quick Tips to Improve 3D Printing Results

7 Quick Tips to Improve 3D Printing Results

3D printing is a specialized method of manufacturing products that takes a level of experimentation to get right. Below are seven tips to quickly incorporate and improve your results.

1. Nozzle Temperature

The temperature of your nozzle can make a big difference in the finished results. having the temperature too high can lead to consistent strings of material between areas of the print. Taller prints can become warped in shape from hot materials stacking on top. Experiment to find the perfect temperature for your particular project.

2. Bed Temperature and Design

The temperature you keep the bed will also determine the outcome. Taller projects will suffer from a bed kept too warm. You can inadvertently cause the base of the print to spread and warp. You can also try a variety of beds with imprints of various designs.

3. The Benefits of Keeping Materials Dry

Spitting, popping, and sputtering materials coming from the nozzle are a sign there is too much moisture in the material. Using low-quality material can be part of the problem, but it’s usually due to poor storage techniques. Keep your materials stored in a cool, dry place until use.

4. Use Supports When Needed

Supports for the base or between intricate portions of your design are important in 3D printing. It keeps drooping and sagging of materials at bay as it cools and hardens. Experiment with adding supports to help retain the shape of your print. The small amount of extra material is easy to remove and your prints will turn out right.

5. Slow Down for Best Results

Trying to move through the printing process too fast is a set-up for disastrous results. Try it at different speeds until you are comfortable with the finished product. It doesn’t require adding a lot of time to get improved results.

6. Use the Proper Finishing Process

Using a chemical finishing product will change the chemical structure and composition of the outer shell of your print. It might provide a smooth, glass-like finish, but it’s a changed surface. You can opt for sanding, which gives you the perfect surface for painting.

7. Be Patient in All Phases of 3D Printing

Patience is key to getting your best results in this type of printing. Gradually try different things to work towards the perfect finished product. Avoid feelings of frustration or failure. Get to know the equipment and how it works. Slight adjustments to the equipment can solve many problems.

You can easily improve the finished look and performance of your printing projects by making a few simple changes and taking your time.


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