7 Signs Your Windows Need to Be Replaced

7 Signs Your Windows Need to Be Replaced

Many homeowners are unaware of the warning signs that indicate a window needs replacing. Not knowing these signs, can lead to disruptive and costly repairs. That’s why, we’ve listed the most common signs to look out for on your windows.

1. Visible Damage

Damage can come in a variety of forms and occur on and around the frame. Larger and more noticeable damage includes cracks or breaks to the glass. This type of damage is a clear sign that the window needs immediate repair. However, other type of damage may seem small, but can lead to devastating consequences if left untouched. For example, if there are any cracks or breaks in the window’s framing. These cracks can easily allow moisture into your home which can lead to greater issues such as water damage, leaks and mold.

2. High Energy Bills

If you’ve noticed a sudden spike in your energy bill, it may be a sign that your windows need replacing. That’s because, your windows could be letting in external heat or cool air due to damage. Having your windows replaced will guarantee a better and more energy efficient model is installed. In turn, your energy bills are guaranteed to be lower.

3. Renovating Your Home

If you intend to renovate your home, you should always upgrade your windows. Windows play an important part in insulating the home and increasing its comfort level. Plus, new windows can instantly increase the property value of a home and make it more desirable.

4. Severe Weather

If your home experienced severe weather or endures it frequently chances are you’ll need your windows replaced. Homeowners that avoid frequent inspections of their windows are putting their home at risk of damage. Windows should always be inspected after strong winds, heavy rain, snow or hail. That’s because the harsh weather could have caused cracks, or holes that are allowing water in. If you do happen to notice damage following bad weather it is important to call in a professional who can determine what the best option is for repair.

5. Difficult to Use

A good indication that your windows need replacing is if they have become difficult to use. Even if there are no visible cracks or breaks in it, not being able to open close or lock a window means it is in need of repair. Plus, windows that are difficult to use are often old, damaged and unsafe. Broken windows should also be viewed as a safety hazard as it cannot be used as an escape route if it can’t open in an emergency. Furthermore, a broken lock makes it easy for intruders to get in.

6. They’re Old

Many people may not realize that all windows have a lifespan. Oftentimes, the material that was used is now out-dated and inefficient compared to today’s standards. Because it is inevitable that overtime a window will to deteriorate due to age, you should have a professional access your window. If they determine your windows have aged they can install new, more energy efficient models. These will be much stronger, and sustainable for your home and comfort.

7. They Allow Noise In

An updated, and fully functioning window will never allow in a great deal of noise from outside. Excessive noise can be annoying, disruptive, and obnoxious. Rather than living with this type of difficulty you should call in a professional to have your windows upgraded today.


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