7 Travel Tips for Your First Thailand Tour

7 Travel Tips for Your First Thailand Tour

Thailand remains a favourite tourist destination for many vacationers, including first-timers.  When planning your first Thailand tour, it’s best to know what to expect. Here are some travel tips to get you going on your first Thailand tours.

1. Start Slow

Since it’s your first time in Thailand, it is advisable to start slow to really see everything Thailand has to offer. Your journey will likely start in Bangkok, so take your time and immerse yourself in the city’s culture and traditions. Spend a few days in the nation’s capital city, with at least a night on Khao San Road.

From Bangkok, you can head north to Chiang Mai, the second most popular city in Thailand. To get the most of both destinations, you’ll need at least 8 days. If you have more time, head south to the beautiful islands.

2. Delectable Thai Street Food

You’ll find plenty of delectable Thai street food. Surprisingly, they are tasty and astoundingly cheap. Many travellers would rather quench their hunger with Thai street food than dine at high-end restaurants. On the other hand, it can also be a fast track to food poisoning. So make sure to be cautious when choosing a vendor.

In addition, always wash your hands before and after eating. More importantly, do not eat in places with fewer people. A crowded eating area means fresher food. Stay healthy and avoid drinking the tap water—it’s not hygienic.

3. Pack Mosquito Repellent

Mosquitoes are everywhere irrespective of location, and Thailand is no exception. You don’t want to take the risk of being bitten by mosquitoes—you’ll risk being infected with malaria.

Always wear spray-on repellent with no less than 50 percent DEET during the daytime and 100 percent DEET at night. As soon as you arrive in Thailand, be sure to treat clothes with a permethrin spray. By doing so, you’ll protect yourself from mosquito bites.

4. Be Friendly

Locals in Thailand are welcoming, friendly and hospitable, particularly to tourists. And in return, they expect you to be friendly as well. Exhibit signs of tenderness and friendliness so you can enjoy their company. It is important to note that Thais can get offended easily, particularly when you disrespect them. Try as much as possible to be courteous with them and read up on their culture to avoid offensive behaviours.

5. Study the Country

Prior to taking your first Thailand tour, it is advisable to read about the country’s culture, tradition, and geography.  Before getting to your final destination, you will have already learned to appreciate the unique culture of Thailand.

Once you have a perfect understanding of their culture, you’ll feel more confident interacting with the people, resulting in a more authentic vacation experience.

6. Pack Properly

Of course, you’ll want to pack your clothes and other basic necessities. But packing goes beyond that. Besides clothes and other personal items, you need to pack all relevant travel documents. Make sure your travel visa is still valid and that you have all necessary documents.

Pack light when travelling to Thailand. This is because you can get virtually all you need in Thailand and at affordable prices. Pack only those items you need.

7. Respect the Culture

Remember Thailand has its own culture and traditions that must be respected. For example, the head is considered the most sacred part of the body and the feet are the lowest. It is disrespectful to touch a local on the head.

Also, avoid pointing your feet towards a Thai person or any sacred image like the Buddha. Always keep a smiling face. Locals in Thailand love smiling, so frowning will get you nowhere.

The country’s rich culture, impressive attractions, and magnificent beaches will, without a doubt, put a spell on you. If you’re ready to plan your first trip to Thailand, these insider travel tips will ensure a great vacation.


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