8 Popular Kitchen Blinds Ideas and Their Benefits

8 Popular Kitchen Blinds Ideas and Their Benefits

When choosing window treatments for your kitchen, remember a few things. Curtains made of fabric are not ideal. Fabric tends to absorb smells and is much harder to keep clean in an environment where humidity and direct contact with water and foodstuffs are likely. Blinds are a much better choice in the kitchen, as they are easy to clean and waterproof.

Finding the right window treatments for your kitchen may seem challenging. You have extra considerations like moisture and heat to think about. Thankfully, whether you are looking to redecorate your whole kitchen or replace old window coverings, there are several blinds to choose from.

Here are the eight popular kitchen blinds ideas and their benefits:

1. PVC Roller Blinds

PVC roller blinds are one of the best choices for the kitchen. These blinds are waterproof, and their smooth and non-porous surface makes them extremely easy to clean. You will find these blinds in various colours and designs, and they are generally inexpensive.

PVC is a high-quality material. It is UV resistant, which helps to block the sun’s rays and prolong the life of other furnishings in your kitchen. Its durability means these blinds will last for years without needing to be replaced. PVC is also fire-resistant, an important factor when choosing window treatments for a room with a higher fire risk.

2. Faux-Wood Venetian Blinds

Many people like how wood blinds look, but wood may be a less-than-ideal choice in an area with higher humidity, like a kitchen. Faux-wood blinds may be a suitable replacement. They look like natural wood but are made from polymer materials, making them resistant to moisture and more durable.

They won’t warp or fade and are relatively easy to wipe down. Slatted blinds are nice because they allow you to control the amount of light coming in and the privacy level.

3. Aluminum Venetian Blinds

Aluminum blinds come in many styles and colours, and their frank look matches virtually any décor style. These blinds provide privacy when you close them; however, shadows and silhouettes may be visible through them.

Being made of aluminum means they are resistant to moisture and easy to clean when they get dirty. One of the best things about aluminum blinds is that they are very affordable.

4. Vinyl or PVC Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are an excellent window treatment to use in kitchens, especially if you are looking at covering a large or tall window. Blinds made from vinyl are good at filtering sunlight and help keep the kitchen temperature stable.

Vertical blinds come in a wide range of colours and finishes. They are highly adjustable, which allows you to filter light and control your privacy without blocking the view out of the window entirely.

5. Roman Blinds

Roman shades are among the more elegant options for kitchen window treatments. Perfect for a more minimalist look, roman blinds incorporate simplistic style with function. They are available in a wide range of colours, patterns and textures.

For kitchen use, it is advisable to choose roman blinds made from a waterproof material, which will ensure that they are easy to wipe down in the case of spills or splatters.

6. Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are another great option for the kitchen. Their unique honeycomb structure makes them very effective at blocking light and preventing heat gain, which can undoubtedly be helpful in a kitchen environment.

You can get either single-cell or double-cell cellular shades. Double-cell shades are more expensive than their single-cell counterpart. If you live in a particularly hot or cold environment, consider the extra expense of the double-cell shades. But the single-cell type is more than sufficient if you live in a moderate climate.

Cellular shades fold up along pleats and are available in various pleat sizes, colours, and styles. They are incredibly durable and resistant to moisture and water. You can also get them in different light control options, ranging from sheer to blackout.

7. Wood Blinds

Made from natural wood, wood blinds have excellent light control capabilities and superior heat insulation. They are easy to clean and are relatively durable. However, wood is susceptible to humidity and water damage.

When exposed to moisture, the slats may warp. Depending on the window’s location, they may not be ideal choices for the kitchen.

8. Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood shades will fit the bill if eco-friendly is important when choosing blinds for your kitchen. They are made from renewable resources like bamboo, rattan reeds, or jute. A woven wooden shade looks much like a roman shade.

They are relatively easy to keep clean; vacuum them with the hand attachment or wipe them with a damp microfibre cloth. Woven wood shades are semi-transparent, so depending on how much privacy you are looking for, you may want to pair them with a liner.


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