9 Cool Bicycle Accessories for Men

9 Cool Bicycle Accessories for Men

Do you think your bicycle ride is missing something? Probably. It could be that rainproof jacket, those wireless headphones to enhance the sound of your ride, or the most durable lock you can get your hands on. Are you unsure if you’re missing something? Well, here are some accessories that can enhance your riding experience to home, to work, to school, or to the open road.

Here are nine bicycle accessories for men:

1. Cargo Trailer

Have you ever done grocery shopping with a bicycle? Have you ever traveled with your briefcase, box of papers, smartphone, tablet, computer, and a whole bunch of other stuff that was too heavy and difficult to bring with you on a bicycle?

Well, you can do your whole week’s shopping and bring your four-month-long project on your bike with a cargo trailer. These are convenient, affordable, and fits any bicycle. You just attach it to the rear of your bicycle and travel anywhere you want to go.

No more hanging bags on your handlebars!

2. Wireless Headphones

On the one hand, it would be safer to never wear headphones when you ride a bicycle. However, if you’re traveling through rural areas, trails, and nature, then what’s the problem? Well, there is one problem: Annoying wires! But you can forego those wires with wireless headphones, which will provide a more comfortable riding experience as you listen to Ludwig van Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

3. Bike Spoke Light

Since bicycle safety is the utmost importance, you need to find clever ways of securing your body, particularly when it is dark outside. One of the best ways to achieve this is to ensure you can be seen on your electric bicycle.

But how? That’s easy: A bike spoke light. A lot of cyclists will use the light to not only be seen but also provide something interesting for all to see, whether it is an LED design or a spot of light noticeable from a vast difference.

4. Ultra-Lock

There is nothing more frustrating than having your bicycle stolen, even if it is just for the frame or the wheel. Why even bother?

That said, no longer do you need to be worried if you’re coming out of Starbucks and find your instrument to be missing. Why? Because you will be purchasing an ultra lock for your bicycle. A simple gym locker lock will no longer suffice in this environment; you need something durable, reliable, and unbreakable.

5. GoPro

A GoPro has quickly become a vital product to attach to your bicycle or bicycle helmet.

Sure, you can use a GoPro camera to record your daily escapades. But this device is more important to protect yourself from unscrupulous individuals who wish to harm you or try to scam you out of claiming an accident. It’s similar to when motorists use dashcams to protect themselves from their fellow drivers.

6. Waterproof Jacket

Why should a little rain prevent you from going for a bike ride? Well, it shouldn’t. But you can shield yourself from the rain by sporting a waterproof jacket. This will ensure that you remain dry if you’re caught in a storm or you can definitely go out in the rain if you need to.

Now, can you manage your bicycle in the rain? That’s an entirely different conversation.

7. Turn Signal Backpack

The main rule for riding a bicycle is to kill two birds with one stone. The first bird is to travel light. The second bird is to stay safe. Well, why not merge the two? You can with a turn signal backpack. This is a backpack that has a giant turn signal light on the back for those behind you to see where you’re turning.

It’s a clever innovation, but it’s also a great tool to travel light, stay safe, and be stylish.

8. Bike Phone Mount

Like headphones, you shouldn’t be using your smartphone while riding a bicycle. That said, if you choose to do so, then be as safe about it as possible. You can accomplish this feat by acquiring and installing a bike phone mount. Similar to the mount on your dashboard in your automobile, you will have a mount on the handle of your bicycle so that you won’t have to hold it in one of your hands.

This is a great way to navigate through areas of the city, province, country, or world you’ve never been to before. It can serve as a compass. Just don’t play games while riding a bike!

9. Handlebar Mitts

Why should your hands be frigid in the middle of winter when you ride a bicycle? Sure, you’re wearing gloves, but there is a more convenient way to keep your hands warm: Handlebar mitts!

These are mitts that cover the handlebars so that when you grip your bicycle, you slide them into the mitt and ride comfortably. This is far better than having to put on and take off your gloves repeatedly.

More people are riding their bikes from point A to point B than ever before. To work, to school, to the supermarket, a lot of individuals are finding out that it is cheaper, better for your health, and a lot less stressful to ride a bicycle than to drive a car or take public transit. You just need the right accessories to turn a typical bike ride into an experience.


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