9 Luxurious Services You’ll Enjoy in a Furnished Suite

9 Luxurious Services You’ll Enjoy in a Furnished Suite

Whether you’re looking for a place to stay short term while carrying out a home renovation or you are visiting the city for a few months as part of a travelling expedition or for work, staying in a furnished suite is an ideal option for many individuals. You’ll get all the benefits of a hotel room but for a low-cost, long-term agreed-upon price, making for a convenient, stress-free and reliable home to settle down until your project is complete or your next adventure begins.

Here are just some of the services and features you will benefit from by staying in a furnished suite:

1. Queen Sized Bed

One of the most crucial parts of life and good health is decent sleep. In a furnished suite, you will be provided with a large comfortable bed to rest your head on after a long day. If you were to go for a short-term rental, you may not be provided with a bed, so this saves you the worry of locating and purchasing your own furniture.

2. Flat Screen TVs

One of the most common ways to wind down at the end of the day is to sit in front of the TV watching your favourite show or movie. In a furnished suite, you will benefit from a ready-to-use TV, meaning there is no need to buy one for your short-term stay in the city and no stress of having to either sell or donate it when you leave.

3. Wi-Fi

In modern-day society, the world seems to end when the internet fails, as most people rely on this for work and play. In the furnished suite, you will be set up and ready to go, without the stress of trying to find a supplier or set up a contract that could be costly. Just enter your password and you are fully connected.

4. Ensuite

If you were to go for a shared rental, you may have the stress of having to share a bathroom with a group of others, meaning delays in the morning when everybody is getting ready for their day and a lack of comfort and personalization when you are hoping to wind down in a warm shower or bath. With a furnished suite, you’ll benefit from your own bathroom and can take as long as you want.

5. Kitchen Appliances

There is no need for you to worry about how you will prepare your meals or spend a lot of extra money on take out. Your furnished apartment will be fitted with its own kitchen appliances, giving you the freedom you need in the kitchen department.

6. Washer/Dryer

Many short-term rentals, as well as hotels, would not provide such services, meaning extra costs and time for you going to the laundromat. With a furnished suite, you will have full access to washer and dryer facilities whenever you need it for no extra cost.

7. Sofas and Furniture

To save you the task of furnishing a private rented place, a furnished suite provides you will everything you will need to sit back and rest after a long day or have friends over for a pizza. You also don’t need to worry about what you’ll do with your furniture when you move on.

8. Soaps/Towels/Hairdryers

As said above, you will get all the services of a hotel but for a long-term lower cost. The concierge services will always make sure you are topped up with everything you need to make life more convenient.

9. Great Location

Rest assured that most furnished suites are situated in perfect locations for city centre activities, work, or study. This negates the need for extra costs using public transport or renting a car.

Furnished suites will provide everything you need to get by and will keep stress levels and costs to a minimum.


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