9 Most Popular Types of Coffee in the World

9 Most Popular Types of Coffee in the World

Ah, coffee. Those of us who know and love this special drink can rhapsodize about its amazing qualities for, well, forever. It keeps us awake, it gives us energy to start our day right, and it’s just plain delicious. But as you’re scooping a few spoonfuls of instant brew into your favorite mug or grinding your own beans, you might be asking yourself questions like ‘Is there something more to coffee? Am I stuck with the same black coffee? The same creamers and sweeteners? Is there an opportunity for me to branch out and really explore my love of coffee/caffeine?’

The answer is a resounding ‘yes!’ because there are many different types of coffee – and you probably haven’t explored even half of them yet. Coffee is a drink as varied as the people who enjoy it. We don’t all come with a ‘one size fits all’ label. We’re all unique and beautiful – and so is coffee.

This list contains nine most popular types of coffee in the world, along with an explanation for what makes each coffee type special:

Coffee type #1 – Mocha

Mocha is easily the most popular coffee in the world. If you’re looking to wade into the world of different coffee drinks, then the mocha might be one of the best types of coffee for you. It’s a delicious type of coffee that thick with chocolate syrup and maybe a bit of whipped cream on top. If you want to go a slightly different route, you could brew some hot chocolate as your coffee is brewing – and then combine the two.

At its most basic form, mochas are simply something chocolatey added to coffee. You could also drizzle a bit of chocolate syrup on top of the whipped cream (if you choose to add some). Mochas are the perfect types of coffee for chocolate lovers and those looking to sweeten their daily coffee in a fun, unique, and delicious way.

Coffee type #2 – Iced coffee

While some people do still drink plenty of hot coffee during the summer months, it isn’t always the most fun experience. When the sun scorches and the humidity is oppressive, sometimes you just really want + need a cool, refreshing drink. And iced coffee could be exactly what you want.

There are many local coffee shops that sell excellent iced coffee, but it’s also very easy to make at home. Brew a good, strong cup of coffee and allow it to cool down for a bit. Throw in some sweeteners, cream, milk, etc. (however you like your coffee). Add some ice cubes or crushed ice and there you have it! Iced coffees can make a hot summer day easier to bear by offering a refreshing, easy-to-create taste sensation.

Coffee type #3 – Espresso

Espresso is a great drink of choice when you’re looking for a caffeine boost but don’t have time to savor a full cup of coffee. While espresso coffee can be – and is – used to make many other coffee-based drinks, it can also be enjoyed on its own (usually as a one-shot drink). You’ll most likely need to purchase an espresso machine if you want to try your hand at making this type of coffee at home.

Espressos are strong relative to other types of coffee, but so worth it if you want a good caffeine/coffee fix for the day. And, yes, it’s pronounced eSpresso, not eXpresso.

Coffee type #4 – Long black

This is a coffee type that relies on espresso coffee for its kick. You’ll need to pour a small amount of hot water into a cup and then add a couple shots of espresso directly after. You can potentially add some creamers or sweeteners, but these types of coffee are especially great for those who enjoy their coffee strong and black (hence the name). However, it’s up to you how to fix your coffee – there’s really no right or wrong way.

Long black is an amazing espresso-based coffee type that can give you a jolt of caffeine-laced goodness with little preparation or fuss.

Coffee type #5 – Ristretto

Are espressos not strong enough for you? (Yes, that can be the case for some coffee lovers, believe it or not.) Well then, we have you covered with ristretto! This bold, daring type of coffee is made in the same way as an espresso…but with only half as much water. As you can imagine, this ensures that this shot of coffee is even stronger than an espresso. Those of you who enjoy ristrettos, we salute you.

If you’re a fan of ultra-strong coffee, then try a ristretto by all means. We can’t guarantee that you’ll love it, but we can guarantee that it will give you a kick of caffeine that’s hard to match with other coffee types.

Coffee type #6 – Latte

If you’re a fan of coffee with lots of milk, then the latte could be the best coffee type for you. Take one mug, cup, or tumbler and pour an espresso inside. Then you’ll want to steam milk (enough to fill the rest of the coffee receptacle) and then pour the milk over the espresso. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can try to make patterns with the milk (something you see all the trendy baristas doing these days). Practice makes perfect and it’s a skill you can use to wow your guests.

Like the many different types of coffee in this list, lattes are full of delicious, milky goodness and they have the potential to be the most artsy coffee type. What could be better?

Coffee type #7 – Americano

In many ways the opposite of a long black, Americano coffee is a great choice for those coffee drinkers who want their espresso not so strong. With an Americano, you’ll be using one part espresso and two parts hot water to create this great type of coffee.

Making an Americano will result in a cup of coffee that will probably be similar to the regularly brewed coffee people often drink – after all, you’re diluting a shot of espresso so that it’s not as strong. Add whatever ‘extras’ you want to the Americano – and enjoy. Americanos can be a quick hack for making ‘regular’ coffee if the only coffee maker available at the moment is an espresso machine.

Coffee type #8 – Cold brew coffee

Cold brew coffee has become quite popular, especially in recent times. Making coffee this way results in a great brew that isn’t as caffeine-rich as other types of coffee. To create cold brew coffee, combine water with ground coffee beans, stirring both ingredients together well. Then put the mixture in your refrigerator and leave the whole thing to sit (or brew, that is) overnight. In the morning, strain out the coffee grounds, mix your coffee the way you like it, and enjoy.

Cold brew coffee is an excellent option for those who enjoy cold coffee (though you can always heat it up in a pot on the stove or in a microwave) and/or those who are trying to lessen their caffeine intake – while still wanting to enjoy great flavor.

Coffee type #9 – Vienna

This type of coffee is delicious, rich, and creamy – chances are you won’t want to stop drinking it. Vienna coffee is very simple to make (as are most coffee types on this list, to be honest). Brew a shot of espresso and then add whipped cream instead of milk or regular cream. Mix the whole thing together to create a foamy, luxurious, and incredible coffee experience.

Vienna coffee is a great choice for when you want to feel a little decadent – or when you simply want to enjoy a deliciously smooth coffee.


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