How to Deter Burglars at Night in 10 Steps

How to Deter Burglars at Night in 10 Steps

To keep burglars away, especially at night, the first thing you need to do is to prevent them from breaking in or minimize the chances of a break-in. In spite of low crime rates, there are still bad guys out there itching to get into your home.

Rather than have to deal with burglary, you can prevent its occurrence by taking a few precautions. Securing all entrances to your home and illuminating dark areas where a thief can hide can minimize chances of a break-in. Installing quality locks and a home security system is also an effective way of burglar-proofing your home.

Here are ten steps on how to deter burglars at night:

1. Inspect your Home from the Outside

Before nightfall, walk around your home and survey it as a burglar would. If you can see a vulnerability, such as a window that can easily be pried open, or extremely dark places that are ideal hiding spots, a potential burglar would likely see the same. Get a professional to conduct a home assessment to identify and fix potential vulnerabilities.

2. Grow Shrubs Around your House

Make sure there is shrubbery around entrances to your home and trim the walkways. Shrubbery provide convenient spots for thieves to hide. If there are no hiding spots on your compound, chances are a thief will skip your home tonight. To make it even harder, and painful, for a burglar to get into your house, grow thorny shrubs near your windows.

3. Erect a Fence

If you want to deter burglars at night, a fence is a critical installation for keeping unwanted visitors off your home. You can use an ornamental or an open chain-link fence and secure them with concrete to make them difficult to lift. Thieves find solid walls easy to climb. They are also excellent hiding places. However, most people prefer them for their ability to reduce noise and provide privacy. To secure a solid fence, install rough wire (barbed) fencing or have sharp objects at the top of the wall.

4. Lock Expensive Outdoor Items in the Garage

Store bikes, cars, grills and other expensive outdoor items securely in the garage. It might be cumbersome to move that grill every time you barbecue, but having it outside is an open invitation to thieves. If your grill has wheels, stealing it could be as easy as wheeling it away without making a sound. If you don’t have a garage, lock your car before going to bed. You should also park it in a properly lit area, especially if street parking is the only option you have.

5. Install Motion Sensors

Technology is one of the best ways on how to deter burglars at night, so make use of all the door alarms and motion sensors at your disposal. The most of apparent entrances to your home are the first ones a would-be thief is likely to target. Install motion sensors to light up those areas whenever movement is detected. This way, you get to beam light on an intruder before they can get close enough to touch entry points such as windows or doors.

Remember to install these sensors in dark areas and entrances. To eliminate dark corners in an apartment, get your landlord to install adequate lighting in halls and walkways.

6. Keep Ladders Off your Yard

To prevent a burglar from gaining easy access to your home, keep ladders and other items one can use as props off your compound. Should a burglar enter your compound, the last thing you want is to facilitate them to break in. That ladder carelessly left outside could be what will be used to access your house via a window.

7. Know your Neighbours

A tightly-knit community tends to watch out for each other. Strangers are easy to spot, even at night, where neighbours know each other. A good neighbour is an extra pair of eyes and ears on your home. They also provide an outside perspective should they spot a vulnerability in your home that a potential burglar can exploit. They can be extremely helpful, especially when you are away.

8. Invest in Quality Locks, and Use Them!

One of the simplest ways to deter burglars at night is through strong, sturdy locks. These quality locks may be a bit pricey, but they could make a big difference should a burglar manage to access your compound. Securely lock every outside entrance with a quality padlock, especially at night. Always lock your garage door and the door attached to the garage at night.

9. Close All Windows and Doors

An open exterior door or window is hugely enticing to a thief. Keep them always shut and locked at night. Install sturdy locks on your windows as burglars are very good at spotting weak locks that can easily be pried open. Have deadbolt locks on all your exterior doors and install vertical bolts on all sliding doors. To prevent a thief from opening a sliding door or lifting it off the track, install a wooden or metal rod in the track. If you are eating out, make sure your front door is securely locked, even if you will only be out briefly.

10. Install a Home Security System

A home security system is an ultimate deterrent. It is also your best defence should a burglar manage to break in. It comes with many features, including sensors and motion detectors installed on windows, exterior doors and the door attached to your garage. It also comes with security cameras and an outdoor alarm system to alert neighbours should your home be intruded. Be sure to secure the services of a reputable company and select home security features that best serve your security needs.


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