Five Ways to Survive a Difficult Year of University

Five Ways to Survive a Difficult Year of University

As a college student, you are constantly being inundated by a variety of things such as schoolwork, trying to fit in classes and your social life in your schedule, and more. For many people, being at university may also be the first time that they’re away from home, which can also be a difficult adjustment to make. In other words, university is hard and it’s easy to succumb to the pressures of it. Luckily, there are ways to stay afloat. Whether it be hiring essay writing services or dedicating more of your time to your studies and less of it to your social life, there are ways to survive.

  1. Rent Your Textbooks

Unfortunately, each of your classes will require you to have at least one textbook per semester. These books do not come cheap and can truly put a damper on your bank account. As a result, look for alternatives to buying textbooks, such as renting them or borrowing them from a friend. This way, you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg on a book that you’ll only need for a semester, but you’ll still have all of the materials you need to succeed.

  1. Hire Essay Writing Services

Essay writing services are easy to find and aren’t very costly. When you need an essay written but you don’t have the time, all you need to do is pay an essay writing service to do it for you. These services are discreet and each paper is unique and can be customized for each client. Talk about a life hack!

  1. Seek Out Internships Early

Don’t wait until your last year of university to look for an internship. If you do, your chances of finding one that will be genuinely helpful to you will be slim. Instead, start looking for internships early on. If you need help, simply visit your guidance counsellor for help and they’ll gladly provide you with all the resources you may need.

  1. Learn How to Take Good Notes

Taking notes during class is one of the most important things that you can do while in school. Without them, you simply won’t be able to pass your classes. However, this isn’t to say that you should write down everything your instructor has to say. Write down key points and any details that you feel may help you pass your future exams. Anything else is unnecessary.

  1. Get to Know Your Roommates

During one of the toughest experiences of your life, your roommate will be the one to help you get through it all. Try to participate in weekly dinners together and take the time out to help each other in any way you can. Most importantly, be sure to treat them with respect. The last thing you want is to not only have a tough time dealing with classes and university in general, but to also not get along with the person that you live with either.


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