How to Go Shopping for Cute Walking Shoes

How to Go Shopping for Cute Walking Shoes

Women always have a different style of walking shoes to match their outfit. There are many brands out there that are suited for walking. Today, women have more choices and can embark on a new type that offers vegan and ecological shoes. Many are breathable and perfect for the sweaty feet, especially the pretty looking scandals. Yes, walking shoes might be a little costly, but it pays off in the long run as you can use them for many years and have a comfortable pair for your long walks.

Don’t always go for the look of the shoe, make sure you feel comfortable with your feet in them and you can walk without any uneasiness. The look should be secondary when you purchase a good pair of walking shoes. Your priority should always be the comfort and durability of the shoes. Even if it does not dazzle the onlooker, it will certainly make your feet happy.

How to Go Shopping for Shoes

Walking shoes are designed to give you cushion comfort, breathability and body support as you walk. Another vital aspect to look for in shoes is the fit. It should offer a precise fit so that you do not get tired easily while walking. You will be surprised though to learn that walking shoes are designed with style, comfort and durability in mind. Today, these shoes are even eco-friendly.

Some types can suit any occasion and many can make a simple outfit stand out amongst the crowd. Always ensure to get the right pair of walking shoes so that you don’t have to deal with blisters and aching feet every time you take a walk. The good news is there is a wide range of walking shoes that are created with quality that are unique, versatile, comfortable and cute. You can find these shoes when you visit shopping malls like Burlington Heights Plaza.

Here are some suggestions on cute pairs of walking shoes:

1. Oxford Shoes



The oxford range of shoes is the best multi-purpose shoes you can find. They are perfect for a simple walk, dancing or pacing at work. These shoes are very flexible and supportive, designed with simplicity and comfort in mind. There are many exclusive patterns to choose from, and you even get the type of pattern that can match your dress.

2. Cutout Oxford Shoes

The perfect combination of outdoor and indoor shoes, the cutout oxford is suitable from spring to fall. If you are looking for a pair of shoes that offer maximum breathability, the cutout oxford is your best choice. It provides a refreshing look and an enjoyable walk. This shoe is known to be prominent and a trendsetting footwear in the market. It makes even the most ordinary outfit stand out.

3. Agulha Oxford Shoes

Believe it or not, there are walking shoes that offer both comfort and style. The agulha oxford is a smart-looking pair of shoes that also come in women’s styles and patterns. Cozy but sleek at the same time, the agulha oxford can be used for important events or meetings at work. So, if you are running a little late to work, you do not have to worry about changing your shoes from your walk wear to your workwear.

4. Strap Sandal Shoes

Fun, breathable and refreshing, the strap sandals are comfortable to put on with its convenient Velcro strap. You can quickly transform into a flipflop by removing the strap as it is designed that way. These types of sandals are created using fabric from recycled materials and therefore given a new meaning. So apart from enjoying your long walks, you also support the planet in a big way.

5. Terracotta Sandals

With the terracotta sandal, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Comfy and stylish at the same time, the terracotta sandal is created using cotton lace and comes in different patterns. Many come with heels, but what you will want to consider is the range of flat heels available. Casual yet elegant, you can wear these shoes with any of your fashionable dresses. It is lightweight and easy to put on before you head out.

6. Slip-on Mule

Backless and comfy, the slip-on mule is the best option when you want a pair of shoes that are easy to slip in and out. Now you can step-out in a hurry with your slip-on fashion footwear. There are different designs to suit every occasion and dress. Also with the slip-on, you no longer struggle with buckling your shoe straps, tying your laces or having to remain seated while putting on your shoes.

7. Bertha Sandals

Totally adjustable and offering inspiring designs, the bertha sandal is the best summer wear. You can easily slip in and out of the sandal without much struggle with a strap. These sandals come in different patterns that can match your everyday outfit. It offers all-day comfort and breathability during the summer months.


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