How to Decorate Office at Work on a Budget: 9 Tips

How to Decorate Office at Work on a Budget: 9 Tips

Your work office is your home away from home. You spend most of the time in your office. Consequently, you need to decorate your office workspace and bring out a bit of your personality in the decorations you use. This does not have to be a big project that will make a substantial dent in your finances. There are other cost-effective and creative ways to refurbish things to suit your taste and add the character you so deeply desire.

Here are some ideas on how to decorate an office at work on a budget:

Step 1: Add Plants to Your Workspace

Plants are a great way to decorate an office at work on a budget. Some plants require minimal maintenance and occupy an even lesser amount of space. Incorporating such plants in your workspace will brighten it up. Furthermore, studies have shown that an added benefit of having a plant is the improvement of air quality since plants are known to purify the air.

Snake plant, cactus, spider plant, mini succulents, aloe plants, peace lily, philodendrons are just a few of the plants you can use; they should be placed in indirect sunlight and watered occasionally.

Step 2: Add Decorations to Your Bulletin Board

The office bulletin board is a fountain of information you want your co-workers and you’re your visitors to pay attention to. When you have a beautifully decorated bulletin board, people will stop in their tracks to take a peek.

To make your board captivating, consider displaying captions of famous quotes that you change every other day and pin them with colourful pushpins. You can also take interesting pictures with your phone, whether of your coworkers or the flowers outside, print them out and pin them on the bulletin board. Photos will brighten up the space and capture the attention of anyone who enters your office.

Step 3: Hold Books with Decorative Bookends

There are some favourite books and novels you read and re-read whenever you have a free moment. You can place these books on your desk and hold them neatly together with a decorative bookend. You can even redecorate books with colourful and unique book covers.

Step 4: Add Colourful Writing Implements

Writing implements have improved throughout history; from the quill and ink to the pen we use today. These pens have also become more colourful, from pens with images to quotes written on them. Get a few pencils with different images, such as those of your favourite cartoon (you know you have one; even if its Tom & Jerry). Display them in a colourless mug on a prominent place on your desk.

Step 5: Display Your Pictures

Have a few favourite pictures of family members and friends on your desk in colourful frames or even displayed on a wire hanger in your office. Some frames can hold up to four pictures. Using your phone, you can also make a picture collage, print out and include it in your entire picture collection.

Step 6: Have Colourful Fixtures on Your Desk

If you need a desk lamp, you can get a colourful one with a unique design. Instead of the computer power and USB cables hanging loose and getting in your way, get some colourful wire holder that can be fixed on your desk to add order. Other fixtures you can get are inbox trays, penholders, and desk calendars. Depending on what’s on the market, most of them come in different colours. Ideally, you should use modern office furniture to match and accentuate the brightness of the colours.

Step 7: Switch Your Mug

There are so many different coloured coffee mugs in the market today. Don’t just go for the white coffee mug. Some change colour when cold and hot, some have inspirational messages, some have images of your favourite star, movie, or cartoon character, etc.

Step 8: Hang a Painting on Your Wall

Most offices today have white walls that are almost, if not entirely, empty. Hang a painting or get some vibrant wall hangings to add character to your wall. Some of the wall hangings are created from things found in nature such as flowers made from silk materials, or geometric shapes made from wires; your choices are limitless.

Step 9: Face the Window

If you have a window in your office, angle your desk towards the window to illuminate your workspace and give you something to look at during breaks. The window also reflects your office, giving it a feeling of being larger than it is. With the same concept in mind, you can hang a mirror as it reflects and creates a similar illusion.

Decorating your office space can be fun. While the ultimate office depends on your taste and preference, you can get a personalized workspace that reflects your brand and identity. Moreover, keep the workspace kept clean and organized to make your office or desk seem bigger. Avoid having too many files or papers on your desk; always keep them inside the drawers or a filing cabinet. It is easier to work when you don’t have to look too hard to find things.


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