How to Stop Banging in Water Pipes

How to Stop Banging in Water Pipes

No matter where you live, in a home or an apartment, the plumbing is a crucial part of your living arrangement. Every pipe is interconnected, carrying the water you need to clean, wash, and cook. Unfortunately, there will come a time when those pipes do not function properly. 

Some issues could arise in the pipes, putting them at risk. Or, you may come to be annoyed by some strange, banging-like noises. You should rectify this issue as soon as possible.

1. Conduct tests

Firstly, audible banging noise from your water pipes can come in different stages. For example, you may hear them periodically or be a constant nuisance during the day. Whatever the case may be, you could conduct one of several tests to see where the source of the issue is.

One of the best tests is to run your hot or cold water in your chosen room. Sometimes, an open faucet on either side will result from the pipes creating that banging sound. You could also shut off the cold or hot water completely to detect if the noise comes about that way.

2. Check the pipes

About the pipes themselves, you may have to double-check their superficial condition. Go to where they are exposed, or remove the capping that protects the respective pipes. Then, use the eye test to review how they currently stand. A common symptom of banging noises has to do with pipes that are generally loose.

In essence, loose pipes mean that they are not well connected. As the name implies, they must be tightened back up to be brought back to their original condition. At some point, the noise may annoy you. It is best to contact a plumber and tackle this situation when possible.

3. Increased pressure

Your water pipes may, at some point, undergo increased tension due to a variety of factors. External issues could be at play, putting immense pressure on your pipes. The winter season is particularly annoying since pipes can become frozen if they are not insulated.

To get around this problem and promptly end the banging noises, try to find a way to mitigate pressure. The issue begins with loud, audible noises when your pipes face tension like this. If not checked sooner than later, they may eventually burst, causing more issues than anticipated.

4. Water supply lines

As mentioned previously, the water pipes themselves could be the main culprit. That is because the pipes may not be connected as best as they could be. The same sentiment can apply to your water supply line, where a loosened line results in loud, banging sounds. Locate the water supply line, which should be in your basement if you are in a home.

After locating the supply line, look at how it appears. If any parts of the supply line are blocked or loosened, shut it off and tend to it immediately. Once this step is taken care of, the banging noises should end. If not, you may have to take other action to fix the issue.

5. Insulation

It turns out that you could never have too much insulation when protecting vulnerable areas! As it pertains to the water supply line itself, you should always layer it with foam insulation. This allows the line to be shielded from possible harm or interruption. Depending on the size of your line, a custom fit may be required.

6. Drywall pipes

In some circumstances, you may have to contend with pipes stuck behind your drywall. If these particular pipes are causing banging noises, you could be forced to take drastic action. However, some pipes are in a relatively easy position to get to. All you need to do is locate that specific area, cut out the drywall, tend to the pipes, and patch the drywall up afterward.

7. Plumber assistance

Sooner or later, the banging noises from your water pipes may become so bad that a professional will be needed. Thankfully, a plumber can fix the issue after some due diligence.

These individuals are experts in their craft and can directly tell you the main issue with your pipes. Plus, you could always employ their services for a bargain if you know where to look. These noises won’t be an issue much longer!


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