Top 7 Best Car Accessories For Guys

Top 7 Best Car Accessories For Guys

Choosing the right accessories will help make your car feel exciting to drive again. If you drive your car daily, it’s easy to get bored with all the stock settings. The best car accessories for guys solve common problems where necessary and add a bit of excitement to your car.

Keeping an assortment of car accessories on hand can prove extremely useful when you least expect it. Car accessories can help keep your vehicle running and even enhance the safety of your ride.

Check out the top 7 best car accessories for guys below.

1. Headlight Restoration Kit

A headlight restoration kit is one of the best gifts for a car guy. With one of these kits, you can make the headlights on a 20-year-old car look new again. Headlight restoration kits use a combination of cleaning chemicals and scrubbing pads to remove surface discoloration and eliminate cloudiness from your headlights.

Most headlight restoration kits come with a clarifying compound and a sealing wipe that will protect your lights from becoming discoloured again. Headlight restoration kits are a great accessory that will increase visibility at night and prevent your headlights from clouding in the future.

2. Car Safety Tool

As the car version of a Swiss army knife, multitools designed for cars come in handy in many different situations. A standard 7-in-1 tool will include items such as a LED flashlight, a seat belt cutter, and a tool for breaking glass in case you get trapped in your car.

You can also get more traditional multitools that include items such as scissors, a knife, a flathead screwdriver, and a mini saw. Heavy-duty multitools include a large hammer, can opener, pliers, and more.

3. No-Rinse Carpet Spot Remover

Cleaning the carpets in a car is a difficult task that requires effort and elbow grease. No-rinse carpet spot removers are an excellent accessory that will work on any colour car interior. If your car has dirt, oil, and other stains on the upholstery, it’s worth trying a no-rinse carpet spot remover.

With a little water and scrubbing, you can get the same result as paying hundreds of dollars at a detailing shop. You can also buy spot removers to eliminate odours like smoke and mildew.

4. Automotive LED Lights

One of the best car accessories for guys is a set of automotive LED lights. LED lights are significantly brighter than normal headlights and represent an inexpensive way to make a significant upgrade to your car. LED lights are easy to install and don’t require any special tools.

In addition to consuming less power, LED lights will last up to 5 years. Automotive LED lights make driving at night much safer as LED headlights can project light up to 3 times farther than a halogen bulb. Halogens are also only available in limited shades, whereas you can get LED lights in various colours, including purple, blue, white, and yellow.

5. Power Inverter

Keeping a power inverter in your car is a great way to stay prepared. With a power inverter, you can use your cigarette lighter or USB ports to power devices that work with regular-sized outlets. Power inverters transform the direct current (DC) charge from your car’s battery into alternating current (AC), which works with most devices.

Modern power inverters also come with additional USB ports, allowing you to charge multiple phones simultaneously. 110-volt power inverters are generally inexpensive and will work with devices ranging from laptops, tablets, cellphones, cameras, and more.

6. First Aid Kit

A compact first-aid kit is an accessory that belongs in all cars. If you get in an accident, or if your car leaves you standard, a first-aid kit has many items that can help you make the best of a bad situation.

Your kit should cover the basics, including gauze pads, bandages, antiseptic wipes, and adhesive tape. It’s also worth keeping a few litres of drinkable water and edible snacks in your car as a precaution. In a worst-case scenario, you can use the items in your first-aid kit to increase your probability of survival.

7. Sun Visor

If you live in an area with lots of sunlight, a sun visor is a car accessory you’ll likely use daily. Limiting how much the sun’s rays beat down on your car will help minimize the amount of hot air in your car.

Blocking the sun will also protect your car’s interior, which will start to warp and fade over time due to the ultraviolet rays from the sun. A sun visor is also an excellent way to protect your touch screen if you have a newer car, as screens are susceptible to heat damage.


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