Top 8 Tips when Hiring an Elevator Interior Design Company

Top 8 Tips when Hiring an Elevator Interior Design Company

Elevator interior design companies seem to be very similar. They offer the same brands, the same panels, and the same carpeting. So what things do you need to consider when hiring an interior design company? For those of you interested, there is more information available at MAD Elevator.

1. Availability of Parts

You hired the design company to improve the look of your elevator now. If all the parts are on backorder, why did they take the job? Find out what their lead time is and hope they’re honest about their time estimate. The only way you can plan adequately is to know the designers’ timetable.

2. Customer Reviews

Generally, customers want to give good reviews for good work. If the elevator interior design company has terrible reviews, it’s a major red flag. They could be hiding gaps in their expertise. Reading several reviews should reveal any hidden problems with your hire.

3. Customizing

You want your design team to have a vision. Nothing is worse than hiring a design team only to have the team put a giant catalog in front of you. On the other hand, as the customer, you want some input into the design. You are looking for a design company with creative ideas but are willing to listen to you.

4. Legal Certifications

Can the design company legally work in your state. Do they have professionals that understand the safety standards? It may sound obvious but, if you ignore this tip, you will be very sorry.

5. Support

Does the elevator interior design team stand behind their work? Will they be there if something goes wrong. If you have a problem inside your elevator, you want it fixed. You don’t need a ringing phone that never gets answered. Make sure they will be there for you.

6. Portfolio

The design team you hire may be proficient at design, but they might not be for you. Look at the work of the design team and make sure their work matches your vision. If you want your elevator to be bold, make sure they show the use of vibrant colors. If you want your design to be corporate, you might want a more conservative look. Make sure the designers have something to show you before you hire.

7. Quality

Where is the design team getting their parts, and are those parts quality? You don’t constantly want your elevator to be out of action to fix mistakes. You want to make sure the fixtures they use are right the first time. Ask about where they source their parts, and they’ll know you care.

8. Budget

What is the job going to cost you? Is the design team known for meeting their budget or going over cost? Are they a high-end interior decorations team or a cheaper team. Know how much you want to spend before you start your interior design project and hire accordingly.

Hiring an elevator interior design company is a significant decision. It can be challenging to decide which one is right for you. Now you are armed with some tips to make choosing easier.


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