What Injuries Can You Get from Falling on Your Shoulder?

What Injuries Can You Get from Falling on Your Shoulder?

The human body was made to withstand large volumes of pain. Although we may not be invulnerable, there are multiple ways in which we can bring harm to ourselves. Physical pain is inevitable at some point, and it is important to try to find ways to mitigate it. Unfortunately, some preventative tactics are easier said than done when using them.

The shoulder is one of the most common parts of our bodies that may become harmed. It is a vulnerable body area and can easily become damaged in various ways. Falling on the shoulder is one such way, and it can bring forth various unfortunate injuries. Here are some injuries you can get from falling on your shoulder:

Shoulder Dislocation Injuries

If you fall hard enough on your shoulder, you may put it at risk of becoming dislocated. A dislocated shoulder is one of the most harrowing experiences, as it can be painful. This occurs when the impact of the fall is so large that it ruptures the muscle and surrounding tendons.

Most of the time, a dislocated shoulder will bring forth several symptoms. A common symptom is the shoulder swelling to the point of appearing as a ball shape. Compounding this appearance is a lot of physical pain, which could take weeks to nurse back to health. You may also be unable to move your arm as normally as you once did!

Torn Rotator Cuff Injuries

When one looks inside the shoulder, there are multiple elements at work constantly. All of these areas of the muscle work in conjunction with each other to optimize the shoulder’s performance. Should one of them become damaged forcefully, such as the rotator cuff, it will put your entire shoulder at peril.

A torn rotator cuff is one of the most frequent injuries to experience due to falling on your shoulder. When this occurs, you will feel a lot of physical pain simply by moving your arm. Being unable to move your arm up and down at a full rate of motion may also be something to be experienced. Try your best to prevent force from affecting this area, as it can cause trouble.

Broken Arm Injuries

If the fall on your shoulder is forceful enough, it can cause more significant damage than expected. Case in point, you may end up breaking your entire arm from the impact of the fall. A broken arm is much worse to deal with, as all of the potential injuries to expect are ramped up.

For example, you will likely be unable to move your arm for long periods. It takes excessive time to nurse an entire arm back to health. Wearing a cast may also become problematic, particularly if you have to work in a way that uses both arms. Do not be afraid to seek medical assistance to accelerate your recovery time. You should also seek legal counsel from a personal injury lawyer Whitby to cover monetary compensation.

Torn Labrum Injuries

As mentioned previously, multiple components within the shoulder work as a team. Once these body parts are healthy, you will not feel much pain when utilizing the shoulder. However, a forceful fall could impact the labrum, which is found in several of your joints.

The labrum is made of cartilage, a bodily material that can easily be worn down over time. On the other hand, forceful tears may accelerate the wearing down of your shoulder’s cartilage. Once completely depleted, your shoulder injuries may exacerbate into something much worse.

Timeline of Shoulder Injuries

No matter how hard your fall was, you should expect the injuries to last for long periods. Of course, the symptoms you experience will range. Some individuals may feel their health improving in weeks, while others may not be as lucky. A shoulder injury could last months or even years if the damage was impactful enough.

That is because it comes down to how the tissue was affected by the fall. It takes a long time for the shoulder tissue to heal accordingly. Thankfully, there are several steps you can take to expedite your overall recovery.

Shoulder Recovery Process

Injuries in the shoulder are not as difficult to heal as they once were. All you need to do is seek the right assistance to facilitate your recovery. First, seek out a qualified medical professional who works with common injuries. Then, you will be able to heal on your terms again!


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