Why Does My Vape Juice Turn Brown?

Why Does My Vape Juice Turn Brown?

If you’ve been in the vaping game for quite some time, you’ve probably thrown away your favourite vape juice after witnessing a change of colour to brown. You might have thought of expiry but then realized it wasn’t. We are here to ensure you don’t get rid of your beloved vape pen, which can still be beneficial.

Your e juice is valuable, so you want to get to the bottom of whether it is usable or not. There are several reasons why your vape juice keeps turning brown:

Vape juice turns brown due to the process of oxidation.

Oxidation is a chemical reaction when a substance directly reacts with oxygen or other oxidizing substances. When vape juice is left in an unstable environment, with direct exposure to oxygen, nicotine reacts with the oxygen resulting in a brownish colour.

Additionally, a loose lid, torn or cracked vape device allows oxygen to flow inside the juice, creating a brownish appearance. Ensure to store your vape juice in a favourable environment to minimize the chances of oxidation. Occasional inspection of the vape device also proves beneficial in curbing the chances of the brown colour appearance.

Vape juice turns brown due to the quality of your vape.

If your vapes have a norm of changing to brown colour some days after you purchase them, you might need to change your supplier. Many vapers have been victims of poor-quality vapes in exchange for lesser-than-normal pennies. These cheap vapes come in less composition or a poor combination of vape ingredients required for a quality vape juice.

They also don’t undergo the required tests before being released to the market. There are plenty of vape cons in the market. You are required to stay alert for the sake of your pocket. When the deal is too good, re-think your considerations. Poor quality vapes tend to last for a short period before developing an annoying brown colour.

Vape juice turns brown due to excessive agitation.

Like any other drink, shaking helps enhance the taste by perfectly mixing the ingredients; the same applies to vape juices. However, excessive agitation will most likely increase the level of oxygen absorption into the juice, resulting in a dark brown colour. Always ensure not to overly shake your vape juice or store it in a restless environment.

Vape juice turns brown after mixing different types of vape juices.

You have, at some point, thought of mixing your old beloved vape juice with a new one to keep up with the flow or save some coins. Various vape juices come with contrasting chemicals and flavourings concentration, which react differently when exposed to each other.

Thus, mixing them will most likely result in a brown colour. If you want a DIY blend of vape flavours, at least perform it in a different container to avoid contamination of your cherished vape juice.

Vape juice turns brown due to dirt build-up in the vape tank.

As your vape device ages, dirt from past e-liquids and coils leaves behind a residue. If not regularly cleaned, the residue build-up darkens any new juice that enters the vape tanks, affecting its appearance.

Cleaning your vape tank goes hand-in-hand with changing the coils that might have burnt due to inadequately saturated cotton wick. Burnt vape coils also result in turning the vape juice into a brown colour.

Vape juice turns brown due to vapes filled with sweeteners.

After you’ve engaged with vape flavours extensively, you can tell which juices come with added sweeteners or not. Candy-flavoured vapes most likely contain extra sweeteners at a higher amount than menthol, dessert, and fruity flavours.

Sweet vape juices burn the coils, especially if the vape tank isn’t cleaned occasionally. However, sweetened vapes might be your favourite; you can still enjoy them if you regularly clean the coils.

Vape juice turns brown due to high temperatures.

You’ve been enjoying your vape juice with your friends on a super-hot day but suddenly realize an alarming brownish colour in the juice, worry not; there’s nothing much to it. The colour most probably occurs when your vape juice directly interacts with high temperatures or sunlight.

Ensure to store your vape juice in a cool and dry place as indicated in the user guidelines. The guidelines also come with other temperature-related do’s and don’ts, which are different for each vape juice flavour. Ensure you go through the user guidelines when purchasing your vape juice.

Vape juice turns brown due to the expiry date.

While it’s the first thing that crosses your mind when you hear of brown colour in vape juices, expiration is rare as professional vape designers set the most reasonable time frame for their products. Vape juices come with a shelf life of nearly two years, which is long enough for you and your friends to have emptied a tank. Even so, checking expiry dates is essential to avoid expired vape juices.

If your favourite vape juice keeps changing into a brown colour, there’s probably a reason why. You can always share the above tips with your friends with whom you vape together, and you will get inspired to achieve a flawless vaping journey with nothing brown on your vape pens.


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