10 Best Patio Ideas for the Most Awesome Summer Ever

10 Best Patio Ideas for the Most Awesome Summer Ever

Summer will be here in just a few more months, and this is the right time to consider your patio options and how to make the summer memorable. Most people do not realize that even a small patio space can be enhanced so that the hot days of summer are comfortable. Since a great many people spend their summer out in the patio, you need a gorgeous outdoor deck and a tremendous patio set to ensure you have relaxing mornings, comfortable afternoons, and fun evenings.

Here are ten patio ideas that will make your summer unforgettable:

1. Clean up the Clutter

In order to truly enjoy the patio, the first thing to do is to clear up the clutter which has piled up since the previous summer. Throw away anything that you have not used for more than 12 months and create space. When you have space, you can be creative.

2. Make Room for Dining

To really enjoy the patio, create some room for dining. This can easily be done by placing a small patio table and a few folding chairs. There is nothing more agonizing during the summer than eating outside on your patio but having no proper place to sit. Plus, if you have a patio table and chairs all set up, you can invite people over for a summer party and enjoy yourselves even more.

3. Install a Television

During the hot summer nights, many people spend time on the patio. However, to make the nights pleasant and fun, install a television. There’s nothing like enjoying a good movie with your buddies under the stars with a cool breeze around you. This is not something you generally see on patios but if you really want to get creative and if you love watching movies, installing a TV can be something new and entertaining for you and your family and friends.

4. Add a Pergola

Because during the peak summer months, the heat of the sun can be unbearable, you could consider adding a patio cover or a pergola. This cover not only protects you from the rays of the sun, but also rain. Pergolas come in many styles and fabrics and are easy to install.

5. Bring Out the Lights

To enjoy the patio at night, do not forget to add lighting. The lights can make you feel safe and help you navigate the surroundings. There are now so many varieties of garden and patio lights that you can really experiment and create an environment that would make your patio your very own wonderland. For people who are into using environmentally friendly products, you may be able to find some very good solar light options for your patio.

6. Erect a Barbecue or Grill

A basic barbecue or grill is a must if you love to cook outdoors during the summer. Barbecue/grills come in many sizes, styles, and cost. You can have either a gas or electric barbecue setup. Both will allow you to cook all types of food outdoors. This can be a great way to spend some quality time with your family and friends. You can also have potluck parties and a movie and BBQ night if you have a good set-up all ready to go for summer.

7. Add a Little Sizzle

Many people use their patio during late summer and early autumn. However, in North America, the weather can get chilly at night. One of the best ways to enjoy the patio during the cool nights is to have heat. There are many electric fireplaces or portable heaters that can be installed at very low cost and help you enjoy the cool evenings. If you are not sure whether to buy one, you can easily rent a patio heater for the entire summer for less than $60. Again, this is a viable option for people who want to enjoy their patio for as long as they can.

8. Cool Everyone Off

The summer months can get muggy and hot. While during the night time, there is generally a very cool breeze outside but if you intend to use your patio during the daytime, it can get quite hot during peak summer days. One of the best ways around it is to have a fan in place. There are many types of outdoor fans that operate on electricity and can make you feel comfortable. Remember, it is best to select a fan that swings and is large, so that a wider area is served.

9. Make Your Patio Comfortable

Make sure your patio furniture is comfortable. Sometimes, people buy chairs that are hard and very uncomfortable. Don’t make that mistake. Buy good quality patio chairs. You can also keep benches but consider adding comfortable benches with cushions. Make sure that the cushions you buy are soft so that you or your family and friends can snooze if they feel like it.

10. Add Security Barriers

This is important as it not only prevents any intruders coming into your home, but also gives you more privacy.

Patio sets are a necessary complement in the summer – heck, you might even need one in the spring. Whatever the case, if you own a home, then a patio set is a no-brainer. It might set you back a few loonies and toonies, but it is a worthwhile investment in your home.


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