8 Best Places to Travel in the Summer with Friends

8 Best Places to Travel in the Summer with Friends

Looking for a new summer destination with your crew of motley friends? We have done extensive research on the different locations around the world and narrowed down the best places to travel in the summer. Want to find out which travel destinations you should visit? Here are the top 8 best places to travel in the summer and why they should on your destination list:

1. Denver

Denver is one of the best places to travel in the summer! Denver is famous for its many winter activities, but it’s also a beautiful place to explore during the summer. If you describe yourself as an outdoor person, Denver during the summer will be an enjoyable trip for you. There are many farmer’s markets to explore in addition to unique food festivals and dragon boat tournaments.

In Denver, you’ll find many parks where you can spend the day hiking or biking around. Denver is also home to many delicious and impressive restaurants such as Tavernetta and Ultreia. You can experience everything in Denver from a college-themed beer garden to a high-class cocktail party in a building with a 17th-century feel.

2. Alaska

If the summer temperature is getting too warm for you, then Alaska is one of the best places to travel in the summer. Summer season in Alaska ranges from mid-May until mid-September. Believe it or not, Alaska is quite pleasant during the summer. You’ll find the temperatures during the day ranging from 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit while at night, the temperature will dip into the 50s.

If you’re interested in nature, Alaska is a must-visit destination. Tours in the Denali National Park offer some of the best views you can find on this planet. Alaska is also home to many hiking trails and historical museums. You can also head to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center where you can get up close with moose, caribou, and bears.

3. Iceland

Iceland is a unique summer destination that will leave you agreeably impressed. Iceland is a destination for nature lovers and people interested in natural spas. The Retreat at the Blue Lagoon is a popular destination that is built into a lava flow that is centuries old. This hotel is also home to many underground spas lauded for their health benefits. Iceland is also home to many geothermally heated pools.

This a beautiful country for camping, hiking and exploring natural wonders. If you visit Iceland in the summer, you can experience one of the most entertaining nightlife scenes in the world. From the middle of May to the end of July, the sun only sets for a few hours at a time which can cause parties to seem never-ending.

4. Copenhagen

If food is an important part of your travel experience, you’ll certainly enjoy the time you spend in Copenhagen. Copenhagen Harbour is home to some of the best restaurants and the most delicious fresh fish that you can find in the world. The harbor is home to many cafés, pubs and excellent views of the natural landscape. This is one of the best places to travel in the summer if you and your friends just want to sample delicious cuisine every single day.

While spending time in the harbor, you’ll be able to explore the canals that rung throughout Copenhagen. Touring the canals is an excellent way to take in Copenhagen’s main sights such as the Opera House, the National Museum, the Old Stock Exchange, and the Royal Library. Copenhagen is also an excellent walking city, and it has the largest shopping area accessible by foot in Europe.

5. Detroit

Detroit may not sound like it should be on a summer destination list, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this often overlooked city. Over the past few years, many new high-quality hotels have opened up in Detroit. These hotels boast an excellent location in downtown Detroit which makes getting to places like the Motown Museum and the Institute of Arts a breeze.

Detroit also has a beautiful waterfront that you can explore on foot or via a bike rental. The people of Detroit appreciate good weather, and you’ll find many music festivals, hydroplane races and art fairs in action during the summer.

6. Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a fun destination with many different options for you to explore. You’ll find many delightful beaches that you can explore in addition to outdoor concerts and music festivals. Whale watching off the cape is also another popular and breathtaking activity.

You can also ferry over to Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, or Watch Hill to get the full Rhode Island experience. Rhode Island is also home to delicious and fresh seafood that you won’t soon forget.

7. Vienna

While Vienna is enjoyable year-round, it’s particularly enticing in summer. Vienna is home to many concerts including the Schönbrunn Summer Concert which is one of the largest classical music events that you can attend for free.

Vienna is also home to many gorgeous parks and cycling trails that allow you to truly explore the beauty of Vienna.

8. Brussels

Brussels is a special place with many things to see and do during the summer. The Brussels Summer Festival is an intense 5 days of music in one of the largest European festivals.

Brussels also hosts the Brussels Comic Strip Festival which is a must-visit for artists or fans of comic strips. Eat!Brussels is also one of the best food festivals for exploring unique and delicious creations by acclaimed chefs.


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