10 Most Masculine Colors and Room Color Ideas for Guys

10 Most Masculine Colors and Room Color Ideas for Guys

A room for guys is often filled with comfort, rough-looking aesthetics, and darker colours as opposed to lighter shades. That said, there’s a wide variety of options with what you can do in painting a room like this. A masculine-focused, stylish space comes in all colours.

Here are the ten most masculine colors and room color ideas for guys:

1. Black color

An all-black bedroom looks manly, stylish, trendy, and beautiful. This masculine color is bold without going full-on glam. It’s dark without being gothic. It’s minimalism but not in a bright, airy way. Black’s a safe colour choice for a room for guys yet is rarely chosen in large part because of the darkness it presents. Don’t let that dissuade you. Across a black room, you’ve got plenty of opportunity to brighten things up with dashes of red, yellow, and colours of your choosing.

2. Gray color

Gray is one of the most classic masculine colors for guys. For masculine rooms, gray opens the floor for a rougher-looking appearance. Ask your painters to choose from various shades of gray. Ideally, we advocate for a deeper gray akin to a clay. This way, you get the charm of a darker room while adding a lighter tone to the walls. Gray is also a lot more inviting to outsiders than black. For charming a woman or partner, gray forms a great backdrop.

3. Brown color

If gray gives a rough concrete kind of vibe, brown leans into the rustic wood look. For guys’ bedrooms and guys rooms, they’re often built off minimalism and personality. Brown is a colour which is endlessly interesting and when blended with the right elements can give off a very masculine essence. For a rugged man, brown is the perfect choice. You also have plenty of opportunities to mix in warmer shades, patterns, and other elements to further emphasize the room’s appeal.

4. Blue color

It’s a misconception that a guys room has to use dark and moody. Sometimes, blue can be the best room color idea for guys. While a baby blue’s more in-tune with contemporary interior design, most masculine rooms don’t follow those same trends. Try an ocean blue or a deep blue. You just may surprise yourself with the result. Blue can be straightforward professional, rugged, or stylish and eclectic. It’s one of the more adaptable colours on this list.

5. Plaid color

While plaid is technically a pattern and not a colour, various coloured plaid designs work exceptionally well in guys rooms. Though we usually steer clear of red in a guys’ room, plaid is masculine enough to pull it off. If red isn’t your preference, a black plaid is professional yet different. If none of the other selections on this list stand out to you, going with plaid or a combination of manly colours may be exactly the right approach.

6. Green color

When we think of green as a colour, immediately most jump to nature. If you don’t have other clashing green elements in the room, green may be a great color room idea for guys. It’s trendy, masculine, dark, and works well when matched with lighter colours. Green can also have an aristocratic vibe to it and functions well with elements of gold. Though this is way, way different from your standard guys’ room, it’s another masculine color scheme you can rely on if you’re short on ideas.

7. Beige color

Beige isn’t much of a colour. A faded beige doesn’t stand out. It doesn’t make a statement. It simply sits there. If you’re putting together a guys’ room, don’t discount the possibility of using beige. An old-style beige can be the perfect backdrop to set up your own eclectic mix of masculine accessories, photos, chairs, desks, lamps, and more. Beige especially on wood can come across very masculine and classic.

8. White color

There are hundreds of shades of white to pick from. In a guys’ room, white’s an all-around dull choice. What white gives you though is a forgettable canvas on which you can occupy the environment with far more interesting, eye-catching pieces. Things like a treasure chest, art and sculptures, a creatively built bookshelf, and more can clash with a room dressed in something bolder. If you have big ideas for what you want to fill the room with, if no other colour seems safe, you can always count on white.

9. Purple color

Let’s be clear in stating that purple’s not a ‘every-wall’ kind of colour. Purple accents, however, can appear very stylish to the opposite sex. A recent survey analyzing the favourite colour of women found that purple placed second only to blue and followed by green. A mix of a dark blue or black with some purple layered in throughout the room may be the right combination a man needs to charm a member of the opposite sex.

10. Dark colors

Dark colors are masculine and work well in a room designed for guys. Bright colours like oranges and yellow end to produce a negative response from most men and can interrupt sleep. If it’s a bedroom, be careful using colours like these ones.

There are also a small collection of colours you will want to avoid completely in a space for guys. Yellows, oranges, and right reds are all worth avoiding. Red is associated with aggression and restlessness and can easily agitate. Even with accent furniture, accessories, and patterns, try to go with recommended room colours for guys as opposed to these.


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