4 Important Tips to Include In Your Moving Checklist

4 Important Tips to Include In Your Moving Checklist

Moving can be stressful, exhausting and frustrating. You can’t find where you packed something, or something gets broken because it wasn’t properly packed.

To help make your move easier, hire a local mover who can take the pressure off and get you in your new home with very little fuss. There’s a lot to remember when you’re moving, so here are a few tips to help you along the way:

1. Transfer your utility services, home insurance and home deliveries.

 Hydro, gas, phone, internet service and cable tv are among the utility services you’ll need to make arrangements for ahead of time. Call each service provider a few weeks before moving day so your new home will have all of the appropriate services when you arrive.

Make sure your home insurance is changed as well. If you’re going from a condo or apartment into a house (or vice versa) the insurance you need will be different. Talking to your insurance agent ahead of time means no lapses in coverage when moving day arrives.

If you receive any home deliveries on a regular basis such as newspapers, remember to let them know your new address if you want to continue to receive your deliveries.

2. Start packing well in advance of the move.

Don’t save all the packing until the week before the move. Start packing a couple of months before moving day if you can. Packing the garage, basement or attic first is a good place to start as these areas tend to have belongings which are not used on regular basis (like Christmas stuff or the kids old toys). Once the lesser used areas of the home are packed, work your way through the house room by room and pack as much as you can, keeping out only what you absolutely need until closer to moving day.

3. Don’t give your legal papers, medical and/or school records to the moving company.

Keep all of your important documents like legal or medical information together and carry it with you on moving day. Insurance papers, mortgage documents and the kids school records should also be included in this box. Any family treasures like irreplaceable photos should also be kept with you so that you know where they are at all times. This way, there’s no possibility someone will lose or damage them.

4. If you’re hiring the moving company to pack for you, make sure you give them instructions about special items.

If you’re letting the moving company do the packing, let them know about any special items you’re particularly concerned with. If they need to build special crates for moving artwork, they need to know ahead of time so they are fully prepared on moving day.

A moving company takes more than the physical stress out of moving day. It can also ease your mental or emotional stress, knowing your possessions are being moved by professionals who are trained in taking care of people’s belongings.


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