4 Uses For Water Purification Tablets

4 Uses For Water Purification Tablets

Safe drinking water is needed all over the world and is something that a lot of people take for granted. When we are away from the comfort of our running taps and fully stopped supermarkets this reality can be a rude awakening. It is not uncommon for those on a camping trip or even a long walk to underestimate how much water they will need. Even on vacation to a county where you are not used to the water can be problematic as even the smallest drop could land you in a hospital for some time.

Water purification tablets can be a real lifesaver when fresh drinking water is scarce or hard to come by. Having these as a tool to make any water source safe to drink can mean the difference between life and death, or at least avoid a great deal of discomfort.

1. The great outdoors

If you enjoy a camping getaway then there is nothing better than packing up your tent, sleeping bag and other equipment and heading out for a few nights. One of the main things that will be constantly drilled into you as an avid camper is that you always need to bring more water than you think you need.

Waterborne diseases can be very unpleasant and sometimes chronic. If you find yourself short of water while you are away from civilization having a few water purification tablets can make all the difference in the world. One of the best things about them is that they are lightweight and you and you can throw them in your bag without even thinking about the additional weight.

2. Getting on a plane to somewhere exotic

If you are something of a world traveller, then you may occasionally find yourself in a place where it is recommended that you avoid the tap water. Unless you are able to get your hands on some filtered or bottled water you will be running a great risk of drinking the water from a tap. It’s times like these that you may need to reach for a water purification tablet. Even the smallest sip of unfiltered water can cause you to be very sick indeed.

You wouldn’t be the first tourist to end up with diarrhea while on vacation. The experienced traveller will know the value of travelling with water purification tablets. By making this small addition to your packing checklist you can dramatically reduce your chances of getting E. coli, cholera and salmonella.

3. Natural disasters

When a country is hit hard by an earthquake or flood the infrastructure can break down and fresh food and water are usually the hardest things to come by. At times like these, water purification tablets can save lives on a massive scale.

Sometimes, the death and disease that follows a natural disaster can be much more of a problem than the initial cause. By having water purification tablets on hand is very important as these can often reach affected areas much faster than the transport of water itself.

4. The armed forces

The military have found water purification tablets to be very useful for their personnel while they are out in the field. Keeping the troops healthy is vital to any military or peacekeeping force. When supply lines are stretched or interrupted, water purification tablets can provide the men and women in the field with drinkable water until more water is made available.

Not only does this save lives, it can also help the local population if there is an unexpected humanitarian crisis that the military needs to respond to.


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