5 Cleaning Techniques for Your Leather Briefcase

5 Cleaning Techniques for Your Leather Briefcase

A leather briefcase is a very handy, loyal tool in the realm of business and professionalism. It is almost like a part of you, as you will be at a severe disadvantage without it. Plus, it will always treat you well, so shouldn’t you treat it well, too? What are the best ways to keep your leather briefcase healthy and well cared for, though? In the guide below, you will find five great tips on how to properly maintain your trusty leather briefcase.

1. Regularly Condition Your Leather

This is especially necessary for those who live in particularly arid climates who should repeat this process every two months, or so. Simply find a conditioning product of significant quality, typically a natural balm lotion. Then gently apply it to the leather with either your hand or a soft cloth. Once the lotion is properly massaged into the leather, you should leave it to dry on it’s own so it can fully absorb the lotion into the leather. It should be noted that naked leathers, especially light colored Belting, should definitely avoid being conditioned with any lotions, however, as it may lead to the leather darkening.

2. Wipe Any Moisture Quickly

On a daily basis, your precious leather briefcase may be subjected to all kinds of water. From rain, snow, accidents, or even purposeful sabotage for those of us who lead more exciting office lives. No matter the case that leaves your briefcase wet, you should always take great care to dry it quickly in order to avoid any permanent damage. Absolutely, under no circumstances do not use a heat source to dry the leather, especially if it’s a coated leather. That’s probably worse than the moisture, itself, so simply use a soft cloth to blot the wetness and leave it to air-dry.

3. Always Fully Air-dry

As was stated in the previous entry, always air-dry. There are other ways to do dry it, of course, but the be all, end all of safely caring for your leather briefcase is to simply allow it to air-dry. In order to clean the inside of the briefcase in those really soggy moments, try to stuff the case with an absorbent cloth to soak up the moisture. Of course, you can also use newspaper, but just make sure that the ink will not run, else it will stain the inside of your case.

4. Wipe the Inside Regularly

Typically, people are more concerned with how the outside of their briefcase looks, as it’s what other people see. Sure, that makes sense, but you should also take great care of the inside of the case, as that’s most likely the most important aspect of the case, the one that holds all of your important documents and items. Simply wipe the inside of the case once a month or every two months to ensure that it stays clean.

5. Properly Store the Briefcase

Sometimes you just need a break, right? One of those cool vacation weeks where you just put everything out of mind and forget about work for a few days. You should not, however, forget about your briefcase. Always store it when not in use by perhaps storing it in a closet, well away from heat, sunlight, and humidity. You can also store the leather briefcase inside a cloth case or fabric bag to protect against dirt and dust. Even when storing it however, you should still consult the previous entries in this guide to ensure that it remains a nice and well maintained leather briefcase.


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