5 Eco-Friendly Benefits of Trash Compactors

5 Eco-Friendly Benefits of Trash Compactors

Debates on climate change and its mitigation have been going on for decades. While some people contend that issues to do with climate change have been overplayed, others assert that it is a serious threat to humankind’s existence that should be addressed urgently. Wherever the truth lies, it is evident that climate-induced changes are affecting the environment we live in. Concerns on the health of the environment are therefore legitimate.

There is today a great need to use affordable, eco-friendly and innovative ways of disposing of waste. This is because improper handling and disposal of waste has been shown to exacerbate climate change induced environmental degradation. To prevent this environmental degradation, the vast amounts of waste generated each year by businesses, domestic consumers, and industry should be handled and disposed of without destroying the environment. Using a trash compactor is one sure way of minimizing negative impacts on the environment. A trash compactor will make you more environmental friendly in the following ways:

1. Reduces Waste Volume

Compacting waste reduces its volume significantly. It involves compacting large volumes of waste into smaller manageable sizes that can be transported safely to landfills without causing damage to the environment. Compacted waste takes less space and can, therefore, be collected and transported with minimal damage to the environment. This, in turn, means that the landfills can handle more waste since the waste is already compacted by the time it arrives.

2. Improved Removal, Transportation, and Disposing of Waste

Using trash compactors result in great savings in terms of handling and disposal of waste. Trash compactors also use less energy to remove and dispose of the waste. Since compacted waste takes less space, you do not need a large fleet of transport trucks to ferry the waste from one collection centre to another. Besides, there is minimal risk of waste flying off the trucks during transportation due to its compacted nature, even when using standard trucks. The convenience of using trash compactors increases compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

3. Enhanced Safety

Trash compactors provide for safe handling of waste, including hazardous waste. For instance, food and pharmaceutical waste can be safely compacted without posing any danger to humans, animals and the environment. When compacting waste, the trash compactor processes waste in a tightly sealed container. For instance, the trash compactor compacts the waste in a tightly sealed container to ensure no leakage into the environment. This also means that animals cannot access the compacted waste. It is safer to use than incineration since there are no leaks in the air or soil. In any case, incinerating is more expensive than compacting waste.

4. Improved Landfills Capacity and Longevity

At the root of compacting waste is the ability to reduce its volume, handling, transportation, and improved safety. Landfills have an expiry date. The more waste they process, the quicker they fill up. However, if all waste arrives at a landfill in compacted form, the lifespan of that landfill is extended, which also means there will be fewer landfills and hence saving the much-needed land.

5. Light Duty Compactors Encourage Environmental Conservation

There are small trash compactors that are tiny enough to fit in small spaces such as under counters. They work more or less like the industrial trash compactors when compacting domestic waste. Using a home trash compactor reduces your waste volume and therefore makes it more affordable, efficient and eco-friendly.

Trash compactors, whether used for industrial or domestic waste, are an innovative, affordable and eco-friendly waste compacting solution. The waste compaction technology provides a safe and efficient way of handling waste compared to other waste handling methods. Using trash compactors encourages people to be more eco-friendly.


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