5 Eco-Friendly Ways Companies Can Package Their Goods

5 Eco-Friendly Ways Companies Can Package Their Goods

Today’s business owners have a lot of added concerns that previous generations never had. Creating  an original product, designing innovative logos, branding their business to local and international markets, understanding the ever-changing international laws on importing and exporting of goods, and running their business using the most environmentally friendly methods are just some of the changes that today’s business owner face.

Perhaps the biggest challenge to businesses today is the need to leave the smallest carbon footprint on the planet while producing a safe, effect product and ecofriendly packaging supplies. Many products today need to be packaged before being sold commercially.

Packaging is one of the biggest waste products on the market. Because almost everything requires some sort of container or vessel to protect and ship it, cartons, bottles, boxes, and sleeves are everywhere. Whether you own a small bakery or a corporate toy or home care products corporation, the materials you use to wrap the merchandise must not be harmful to the environment.

Most companies use recyclable containers, so their packaging materials can be reused after their primary function is complete. Other organizations use recycled fabrics to produce their casings. While many larger corporations have included eco-friendly packaging into their company manufacturing, smaller business owners must find economical ways to reduce waste while protecting their wares. Here are some environmentally sustainable, financially viable wrapping products you can use to cover your merchandise.

1. Recycled Materials

Many smaller businesses recycle and reuse common, everyday household items such as newspapers, used envelopes, cardboard boxes, bags, crates, and other wrapping products. Community drop offs let neighbours and friends donate their recycled matter, so business owners have an ongoing supply of reusable wrappers.

2. Eco-Friendly Ink

Companies have become very innovative in developing environmentally friendly ink or colouring products. Reusable cartridges, vegetable and soy-based inks, and low petroleum colouring offers more sustainable solutions to designing and printing your corporate materials.

3. Reusable Containers

Many products requiring a plastic or hard vessel for protection are now being shipped in containers that can be easily washed and reused. Consumers benefit from this packaging because they get two items for the price of one while helping to save the environment from waste. Baskets, pots, food containers, and storage boxes are just a few of the solutions environmentally conscious business owners are using for their wares.

4. Plant Based Packaging

Some companies have started using plant or natural based sheeting to wrap their goods. Not only is this cost effective, but there are numerous environmental benefits to using materials made from natural, biodegradable resources to protect your assets.

5. Fabric Coverings

Many companies have started using cloth instead of paper to bag or protect their parcels. Many places also offer recycling options for older, tattered fabrics so they can be made into other products once they have outlived their protective lifespan. Fabric made bags, wrappers, and other covers are more durable, longer lasting, versatile, and much healthier for the planet.

Today’s business owner has many different challenges to deal with that the previous generation of entrepreneurs did not. Producing and packaging environmentally friendly merchandise is one of the biggest issues companies of all sizes must address. Whether you are a big corporation or a smaller one-person operation, running an eco friendly, environmentally viable company is an essential part of business ownership today. There are many biodegradable and less harmful alternatives that you can use to package your products while reducing your carbon footprint on this earth.


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