6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Go Mobile

6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Go Mobile

Technology keeps advancing to new heights. Today companies have more choices of mobile platforms that can boost their output and profit levels. Productivity is key in a competitive business environment. To achieve high levels of productivity, it is important to implement technology that can streamline business processes, allow easy and anytime access and improve service quality.

Mobile technology and interface platforms make it easy for remote and field workers to collate data that will help make swift on-the-spot decisions. Practical mobile technology goes beyond empowering field teams to supporting operation managers and executive management teams with administering performance data.

There are six main reasons to implement an empowering mobile platform.

1. Boosts Productivity

When information is available at your fingertips, there is no time wasted in making important decisions. The mobile platform can quickly identify tasks to be assigned to employees, forward reports and documents to clients for approval and action, structure information, and generate analytic reports within minutes. Quick mobile data collection results in efficient field technicians and business intelligence.

2. Enhances Customer Service

With a programmed workflow that automatically triggers tasks, work is efficient and completed on schedule. Data stored can provide insight on areas of customer dissatisfaction. This study helps the company to improve their service levels and to develop best business practices that ensure continuous customer satisfaction. Data can be synchronized with other applications such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and SharePoint when requested by the client.

3. Streamlines Business Processes

With an automated mobile platform, you can integrate processes, eliminate steps, speed up operations, improve cross-channel collaboration with departments and reduce risk. Mobile applications streamline workflows and prioritize key areas of focus. It removes paperwork and promotes a paperless business process. It can identify specific unproductive areas within the business process that is immediately communicated to management for improvement. Most importantly, mobile platforms reduce data errors.

4. Provides Easy and Anywhere Access

Paper forms are not easy to access or transfer. It also delays the preparation of reports and analysis of trends. In comparison, mobile forms app provide instant access to real-time data anytime and anywhere. Remote and field staff can work more efficiently with current information to make critical decisions. Historical data is captured in digital form which eliminates carrying around thick binders of information such as blueprints and safety regulations.

5. Structures Data

Smart mobile platforms go beyond just collecting data to capturing photos, audio notes, videos and more. An empowered mobile platform offers a custom dashboard display capturing key performance indicators that are depicted in easy to read formats. With an up-to-date dashboard, technicians, operation managers and management executives can see field operations directly from their workstations.

The dashboard provides trend analysis and progress based on collected data. This compiled visibility enables management to address challenging issues faced in field operations. A huge benefit of mobile platforms is that the generation of reports are made easy and quick as data is immediately available and current.

The form used to collect data can be customized to suit business needs as not all businesses are the same. The configuration of mobile platforms enables companies to design a comprehensive form to capture any sort of data that can streamline their workflows.

6. Present hidden trends

Smart mobile platforms capture actionable data. Having data inputted in real time and capturing historical data can help to show trends that were not available through the paper form process. Data can be tracked and compared through inbuilt analytical logarithms. This information can be immediately accessed by management executives which means they do not lose time in addressing critical business issues.


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