5 Essential Wardrobe Additions For Summer

5 Essential Wardrobe Additions For Summer

It can be challenging to dress nicely during the summer without overheating or looking like a teenager. Summer outfits are pretty basic since you’re limited to short sleeve shirts, shorts, jeans, and shoes. However, with a few strategic additions you can build your wardrobe up for summer. Check out these five suggestions to enhance your outfits this summer!

1. Get A Variety Of Polo Shirts

The polo is an often underrated starting point for building a summer wardrobe. Polo shirts that fit properly can help you pull off an incredibly sharp look. Polo’s are also incredibly versatile since they go well with different outfits and are also appropriate for multiple situations.

The key to making a polo work is getting the right fit. Going too small can make some areas of the shirt fit, but it makes other areas look silly. The seem on the sleeve should land on the edge of your shoulder. Your polo should end around three quarters down your biceps or about an inch above your elbow. If you’re struggling to find a fit in-store, get a tailor to fix your shirt.

2. Get A Variety Of Shorts In Different Colors

Shorts are another versatile wardrobe staple perfect for multiple situations. If you’re still wearing baggy cargo shorts from American Eagle, do yourself a favor and upgrade. You may have to try on a few different brands and types of shorts to find the fit best for your body. Slim shorts are the style right now but don’t feel pressure to go overly slim.

When it comes to shorts, pay attention to the inseam. Try a few pairs with inseams in the 7 to 9-inch region and see which fits best for your body. Good shorts should end just above your knee. Once you find the type that works for you, get multiple colors so you can mix and match your outfits.

3. Match A Wooden Watch With Your Outfits

Wooden watches are a unique accessory that will help you stand out. The unique look of wooden watches goes well with basic summer outfits. Wooden watches are also lightweight and durable, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking if you lead an active lifestyle. In addition to their ability to complement your outfits, wooden watches are also eco-friendly and made from recycled materials.

4. Ditch The Short Sleeved Shirt

Short sleeve collared shirts have become far too common in the average man’s wardrobe. The short sleeve button-up often leaves you looking like a substitute teacher at best. If you have this shirt in your wardrobe with long sleeves that hang to the side, do yourself and stop wearing it immediately. You’ll be amazed how much better your shorts and jeans look when combined with a polo instead of a collard short sleeved shirt.

5. Invest In A Weekend Bag

Walking around with the same bag from high school can significantly diminish your overall outfit. Once you hit a certain point, backpacks just aren’t appropriate for social events or even to take with you to work. A weekend bag is a miniature bag named for its convenient size for weekend trips.

When choosing a bag, make sure you go for one that uses real leather. Fake leather bags will start to chip and ruin the appearance of your bag in no time. Most weekend bags also come with an area for your laptop if that’s a feature important to you. Investing in a proper bag makes it easy to maintain a professional appearance.


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