5 Kinds of Air Conditioner Repairs You Might Need

5 Kinds of Air Conditioner Repairs You Might Need

Air conditioners are probably the last thing people remember to check and fix while preparing for the summer. This could be a costly oversight, especially when the summer heat finds you with a malfunctioning air conditioner. Always ensure that you have properly installed and functional air conditioning long before the summer break.

Whereas some repairs are easy to diagnose, others require professional help from established companies that deal with air conditioner maintenance. Let’s look at a few potential air conditioner repairs you will need to be on the lookout for before the summer begins.

1. Air Conditioner Filters

Cleaning and replacing damaged air conditioner filters is probably the most important maintenance check that you should make. This is because dust and foreign materials clogged up in the filters compromise the efficiency and integrity of the entire system due to the obstruction of the normal airflow.

Exposing the evaporator coil to dirt and dust also compromises its ability to absorb heat. This is likely to impair the functionality of the entire air conditioning system. Cleaning, and in some cases replacing, the filters might do the trick and keep your air conditioner working.

2. Air Conditioner Coils

A clean filter will keep your evaporator and condenser coils clean, but with time, the coils will still collect dirt. The dirt will then obstruct the flow of air and insulate the coils, hence reducing their capacity to absorb heat. It is essential that you clean your coils and filters every year in order to ensure that the air conditioner is in good condition for the summer season.

It’s also good practice to remove debris that usually gathers around the air conditioner to ensure a free flow of air within the air conditioner coils and filters.

3. Coil Fins

The evaporator and condenser coils’ aluminum fins get easily bent over time. This blocks the flow of air through the coils. This can, however, be easily fixed by straightening out the bent fins using a fin comb. This ensures that air will flow freely through the coils to keep the system working efficiently.

4. Condensate the Drains

Condensate drains may not look like a significant part of your air conditioning system. However, poorly maintained drains could be a source of countless headaches since they tend to clog up. Occasionally passing a stiff wire through drainpipes can go a long way in keeping your air conditioning system working. Congested pipes prevent the system from lowering humidity. This may end up staining your walls and carpets.

5. Check the Coolant Lines

Covers for pipes running from the evaporator to the outside air handlers contain an insulating material that helps control the temperature inside the pipe. It is important to inspect these coolant lines frequently to ensure that all the pipes are in good condition. Always ensure that the insulation covers every inch of the pipe. If the insulation has worn off in some places, you should replace it immediately.

You could replace the insulation by installing foam insulation sleeves on the exposed sections of the pipes. Insulating the pipes keeps them protected from heat and therefore helps to maintain temperatures at the desired level, even during extreme weather conditions.

The saying that a stitch in time saves nine is true, especially in reference to identifying areas in need of repair in your air conditioning system. To enjoy your summer without unnecessary worry, it’s good practice to conduct checks on your air conditioning system to establish potential repair areas. It is advisable to have an air conditioning maintenance company on hand to conduct checks and repairs to your system and ensure that everything works well.


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