5 Things You Need to Know About Raising a Pig

5 Things You Need to Know About Raising a Pig

Pigs eat a lot, pigs emit a foul odour, and pigs are strong.

There! Now you have the basic facts about these creatures.

Whether pigs are for personal use or commercial consumption, it is important that you maintain and raise a pig the same way. You will need to incorporate a series of tools, technologies, and measures into your daily routine to ensure that the pigs are well taken care of.

Simply put: a pig is a lot like any other farm animal. They need their food, water, and shelter.

Here are five things you need to know about raising a pig:

1. Feeding Time – An Automatic Pig Feeder

Here are two things you will soon learn about pigs: they are strong and they eat a lot (see below).

When you’re feeding a pig, you don’t want the animal to toss their food all over the area. This means that they will require a durable, heavy, and sturdy feeder.

Your best option is an automatic pig feeder. According to Canarm, there are generally a handful of types of automatic pig feeders:

  • Electronic sow feeder.
  • Nursery feeder.
  • Wet dry feeder.
  • Ad lib sow feeder.

Moreover, a pig feeder will allow your animals to be happier and it is an efficient cost management system for your farm.

These are all reliable feeders that can ensure your pigs are getting the nutrition they need, whether you’re going to eat them or you’re keeping them as pets.

2. By the Way, Pigs Eat A Lot of Food

Did we mention that pigs eat a lot of food? We’re not talking about a couple of small meals per day. We mean an immense, huge, astronomical amount of food.

Ultimately, for every 25 pounds of pig, they will require around six pounds of food. If you are raising a 300-pound pig, then you can crunch the numbers and determine how much is needed.

Before you buy, adopt or raise a pig, you must secure a reliable and affordable food source.

3. Pigs Need a Clean Water Source

Pigs eat a lot and they drink a lot. They will need a clean water source.

You have two options for your pigs:

  • If your pigs are free range, then a pond will suffice.
  • If your pigs reside in a pen, then they must be given lots of fresh water daily.

4. A Barn for Sleeping

No matter how cute you think your pigs are, or how much you love them, they can’t sleep in your home. Instead, they need to sleep in a barn. This is true for all seasons: hot, dry, windy, raining, sunny, and so on.

Experts say that darker pigs can endure the sun better than light-skinned pigs, but you should just construct a barn for all of your pigs.

5. They Need Heavy Fencing

Like we mentioned earlier, pigs are strong, which means they require heavy fencing since they can either go through weak fencing or root under typical metal fencing.

The simple remedy to this problem is to purchase a special hog fencing. A special kind of hog fencing is strong and durable. It is tough for a pig to penetrate. Although it will set you back a few dollars, it is worth it in the end.

Whether you are raising pigs as pets or you are raising pigs for consumption or commercial purposes, you still need to take care of them the same way. Everything from installing an automatic pig feeder to implementing heavy fencing, pigs need to be treated and maintained properly to ensure you have what’s best for their well being.


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