5 Tips to Prepare Your Family for a Second Dog

5 Tips to Prepare Your Family for a Second Dog

You have been thinking about it for a while and now you are finally ready to get your second dog. You may still have a few concerns about introducing another pet to your household. The truth is that caring for two dogs is not that different to caring for one. You may even find that your family is much happier with two dogs. Your first dog will love the extra companionship. Provided that your pets are well trained you will have many happy years together.

There are some things that you should keep in mind if you are to ensure that you have the best possible experience with your new dog. We have put together some tips below to help you through the adjustment period.

1. Select the right dog

This can have a huge impact on how smoothly the introduction of your second dog goes. You should look to get a dog breed that has a calm temperament. Golden retrievers are an excellent choice, especially if you have children. They are calm, patient, and gentle pets. Be sure that you get to know the personality of the dog before you adopt them. This can be an exciting time for yourself and your family as you look for the next addition to your family.

2. Plan the first meeting carefully

The introduction of your first dog to your second one is very important. You should select a neutral area like a park. This will prevent your first dog from feeling threatened, or territorial. You should make sure that both dogs have a handler. Keep the dogs on their leashes by your side and study their body language. You will get an immediate sense of how happy they are to be around each other. If they seem eager to play, then let them go right ahead. Just keep them on a leash should you need to separate them.

The important thing to keep in mind her is that you shouldn’t rush it. Let the two dogs get comfortable with one another at their own pace. You should be as positive as possible as they will pick up on your mood. When you think they are ready, you can let them off the leash and see how they interact with one another.

3. Monitor them for the first few days and weeks

Even though everything seems to be going great, it is a good idea to keep an eye on them as their friendship develops. One of the biggest causes of arguments between dogs is feeding time. You should start off with separate feeding sessions while keeping the other dog in their crate. Over time you can experiment with having them eat together. It is a good idea that you always keep the food in separate bowls.

4. Toys

Dogs will fight over their toys, just like kids do. You should be especially wary of toys that make a squeaky sound. The reasons dogs love this type of toy is that it stimulated their instinct to hunt. With two dogs this with high hunting instincts this can set them off.

5. Walks

Walking your dogs is a very important part of their lives. You should make sure that they get regular walks together. This will reinforce the pack mentality and you should encourage that bond between them. You should be prepared for them to have some fun on their walks and bring some toys with you so that they know that they are going to have a great day.


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