6 Most Stressful Jobs with Good Salary

6 Most Stressful Jobs with Good Salary

The list will not deal with some occupations such as a plumber, electrician, painter, but with those that are extremely stressful and bring a lot of money at the same time. The progress in science, new technological discoveries, the Internet, the development of information, trade, and telecommunications – all this have made the life of a modern man more comfortable and much simpler, but from experience we know that nothing is black or white, and as there is another, a little less attractive side – stress at work. Stress is a topic that is being discussed more and more every day. And those who weren’t even aware that they could be under stress, today, under the influence of the media, could identify their symptoms that are associated with the harmful effect of stress. Stress has recently been given a special attention within the framework of organizational psychology. The stresses to which people are exposed in the workplace, under the influence of various factors, can and often exceed the capacity of people to face it. Then, there is a growing dissatisfaction with the work, unexpected conflicts with colleagues, and the success that a person achieves at his or her workplace decreases. It all together acts as a kind of a new source of stress for a person who does not consider his or her work and effort to be insignificant. This list brings you some of the most stressful jobs, which are paid well. Make sure to check out whether your job is on the list.

  1. Surgeon

This job probably comes to mind immediately when mentioning stress at work, as surgeons probably deal with the most stressful situations. But, the average annual salary is around $200,000.

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  1. Lawyer

Being a lawyer means that you will have to deal with some of the hardest cases of murders or similar, and that can bring you a lot of stress. On the other side, it can bring you the annual salary of around $90,000 to $100,000, which is not bad at all.

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  1. Police officer

When working as a police officer, there will be days when you will not have anything to do, but on some other days; you will have some quite serious and stressful cases. It is why the average annual salary for police officers is around $60,000.

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  1. Teacher

If you ask what can be stressful about being a teacher, let us tell you immediately; basically everything! Although it seems that teachers have best jobs, being a teacher may be quite stressful, and the average salary of $50,000 seems not to be high enough.

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  1. Pilot

Although airplanes have never been safer than today, being a pilot is still not an easy job, especially due to some recent events. Pilots have a great responsibility, but they also have a salary of $123,400, which sounds great.

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  1. Firefighter

It is not easy to be a firefighter, as you will often come into the position to risk your own life by saving other people, but this is a very noble position, and firefighters should be proud of it. This is the reason why their average annual salary is around $79,490.

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