7 Unspoken Etiquette Rules of Smoking Weed

7 Unspoken Etiquette Rules of Smoking Weed

Just because smoking cannabis is now legal in many places doesn’t mean there are no rules to follow. Of course, smoking is forbidden in most public places, and you should buy your marijuana from a licensed dispensary or weed delivery service near you.

But what about the unwritten rules of smoking weed? When you want to have fun and to get high with your friends, are there some rules you should follow?

Whether you are new at smoking cannabis, or you have been doing it for some time, those 7 rules of smoking weed will provide you and your smoking circle with some guidelines that should make your experience more enjoyable.

Below are the seven rules of smoking weed and why you need to follow It:

Rule #1: Choose your smoking circle carefully

Keep in mind that smoking marijuana will change your mood as well as the mood of your companions. That’s why it’s important to follow the etiquette rules of smoking weed. You might have a lot of fun and enjoy things in a different way than if you were sober, but if there is some conflict or resentment between you and a member of your smoking circle, things could get ugly.

To be able to fully enjoy each of your smoking sessions, you should only smoke weed with people who all get along fine together, especially if you are new to smoking.

Rule #2: Peer pressure doesn’t belong in the smoking circle

If you don’t feel like smoking weed, no one should force you to smoke. And if you have smoked, but don’t feel like taking another hit, your smoking circle should respect your decision.

Peer pressure doesn’t belong in a smoking circle. Everyone should have the right to smoke as little or as much as they want to, without being judged or mocked.

Stoners should always live and let live, and if you don’t like the way some of your friends act when they are high, maybe they shouldn’t belong in your smoking circle anymore.

Rule #3: Try to contribute to each smoking session

You don’t want to always be the only one who buys weed for your smoking circle. But you also don’t want to be the freeloader who never contributes and smokes what his friends are providing.

Each member of the circle should find a way to contribute. You should buy and share weed when you can, but whenever you are short on cash, you should at least bring something to eat and to drink, even if it’s only a bag of chips and a bottle of soda.

Rule #4: Whoever rolls the joint can light it

Rolling a perfect joint is a skill that not everyone possesses. Anyone can roll up a joint, but perhaps not everyone should do it.

That being said, whoever rolls the joint at the beginning of the session should have the right to light it and to take the first hit. And if you’re smoking from a bowl, anyone who packs it should spark it.

Of course, some rollers prefer lighting the joint and offering it to the person next to them. It all depends on the preferences of the members of your smoking circle.

Rule #5: Keep passing the joint around

When someone gives you the joint, take one or two hits from it before passing it to the person to your left. No one will appreciate you if you smoke half the joint right away, or if you take a hit and then start sharing an entertaining story before you pass it around.

Of course, avoid getting the joint wet, and be careful not to drop it when you give it to the person next to you.

The smoking session will be more enjoyable if everyone shares and is being careful not to damage the joint.

Rule #6: Respect the space around you while you smoke

Whether you are smoking at a friend’s home or in a park, be sure to respect the space around you while you smoke.

If your friend tells you to be careful not to make too much noise because their neighbours will complain, be careful. And if you don’t like their music playlist or the movie they are watching, keep it to yourself.

If you want to smoke outside, avoid spaces where smoking is forbidden. Weed smokers sometimes have a bad reputation, but it’s up to you to show the world that you can be polite, respectful and considerate.

Rule #7: Keep your germs to yourself if you are sick

Finally, don’t share a joint with your friends if you’re sick or if you’re not feeling well. This is common sense: you don’t want to share your sickness with others by putting a joint in your mouth and then passing it around.

If you still want to smoke weed while you are sick, smoke alone at home, or have your own small joint or pipe but don’t share it with the rest of your smoking circle. If they know you’re sick, they won’t think you’re being selfish for not sharing.


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