8 Creative Retail Packaging Ideas to Sell Products

8 Creative Retail Packaging Ideas to Sell Products

Let’s start with why creative retail packaging design is important. Your retail package design is an opportunity to make a first impression on the customer. This is the first thing that they will see, so you need to make sure it hits the spot. Not only are you trying to grab the attention of the customer. You are also trying to beat out the competition on the shelf at the store. Your creative retail package design needs to be more enticing and influence purchase decision more than any other brand.

When you design your retail product’s packaging, try to think about it in terms of what sells your product to the consumer. It is a lot more than just correct logo placement and bright colours. You need to get your customers on the hook.

Here are some really creative retail packaging design tips to help you get started:

Idea #1: A simple design is often the best

There is the danger of overthinking your package design. Sometimes, less is more when it comes to creative retail packaging. If your product has one clear defined purpose, then stick with that messaging. You can often communicate more to the potential customer with a single image or a few words than if you try to do too much. This can be especially effective if your competition has packaging that is loud and noisy with branding and images.

Idea #2: Think inside the box

We mean this creative retail packaging idea literally. When a great deal of thought is given to the outside of a package, the inside if often neglected. Sometimes, inside the box, there is the opportunity to add some design elements. It can add to the experience of receiving a package from your company to have a floral design or some other pattern inside the box. This can be a great way to elevate the brand to something a little higher level.

Idea #3: Unboxing is a thing now

There are many YouTube channels dedicated to just the unboxing of new products. Similar to unwrapping presents there is a great deal of joy that can be had from unboxing a new product. When designing your packages try to think about the experience of opening them. Notable examples are smartphones. These boxes slide open to reveal the phone and then unpack to showcase the additional contents of the box. Who knew that a plug and USB cable could be presented so eloquently?

When customers purchase a luxury item, they almost expect this experience. The best part about all of this is that it is very easy to do. It can be something as simple as adding a layer to the inside of the box or even some tissue paper with a sticker. If you’re trying to help the customer rationalize spending a few extra dollars on a product, this is how you do it.

Idea #4: Be complementary

The creative retail packaging should have some relation to what is inside. For example, if you are designing the packaging for a subscription box for men’s style, you’ll want to have a box that is sleek and stylish. In keeping with the companies branding. If on the other hand, something fun like a board game should be colourful and approachable.

Idea #5: Materials are just as important as the look

If you have a subscription box for any product, you will want to keep your target audience in mind. For example, millennials care a great deal about sustainability so it might be a good idea to make your packaging recyclable. You should also make it known that it is a recyclable package. Don’t feel shy about placing a nice large recycle logo on the box.

Idea #6: Have fun

If you have the chance to throw a little bit of playfulness into your package design then go for it. People want to enjoy their day so if you can place a cartoon monster onto a box of candy then why not? Provided that this playfulness never gets in the way of the consumer knowing exactly what it is that they’re buying then the more fun you have the better.

Idea #7: Don’t be shy about breaking the rules

You don’t have to abide by any retail packaging rules if you don’t want to. If you want to create a hexagonal package that plays a song when you open it then there is nothing stopping you. Except for practical reasons and brand considerations that is.

The point is that you should not let the traditional idea of a box hold back your creativity. If you think that a radical design idea for your package will increase sales then feel free to try it out. Just remember to keep the budget in mind.

Idea #8: Use texture

As human beings, we love the feeling of running our fingers over different textures surfaces. Touch connects us to an object more than any other sense. If you can think of a way to incorporate this into your creative retail packaging design, you will be giving your customers an elevated experience that they cannot get elsewhere.


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