8 Different Types of Boxes for Shipping Products

8 Different Types of Boxes for Shipping Products

Boxes are easily the most underrated items in the world right now. We do not see any value in boxes. For example, when you want to start a fire, you pick up the nearest box you can find to help you start it. However, the moment you realize boxes are the foundation for the shipping and packaging industry, you immediately see their value.

Boxes are critically important for shipping purposes. They keep the products safe from potential accidents during shipping. There are many different types of boxes to choose from, but in the end, it all comes down to your individual preference. Different products have different masses, shapes and sizes. You, therefore, need different types of boxes to properly pack your products. If an item is too heavy, a regular box won’t do.

To help you determine the kind of shipping boxes appropriate for your shipping needs, let’s look at the following 8 different types of boxes:

1. Corrugated Boxes

For items that are heavy and cannot be put in rigid boxes, or rather, they cannot fit in rigid boxes, corrugated boxes are what you need. These types of boxes are made using corrugated cardboard. They are able to handle items at extreme pressure and weight.

Corrugated boxes are steady, even when other heavy boxes are stacked and piled on top of them. They are used by both individuals and businesses to securely ship products. The safety feature of corrugated boxes makes them a favourite choice for shipping prized items. It is the most commonly used box for packing items when moving to a new home.

2. Rigid Boxes

You should consider using a rigid box if you want to ship products such as electronics and mobile phones. This is mainly because a rigid box is strong and durable. Unlike a folding carton, rigid boxes cannot fold. They are made from sturdy materials that do not lend themselves to folding.

Sometimes, rigid boxes have separate wrappers inside the box made from leather or fabric. This positively increases their appearance and is the main reason they are so popular with high-end items. This box is also suitable for shipping heavy items that require extra support.

3. Folding Cartons

Folding cartons are the most commonly used types of boxes in the packaging industry. They can be collapsed and reassembled whenever you need to use them. At some point, folding cartons were specifically used for packaging expensive items.

These days, you can use folding carton boxes to package almost any product securely. It is the most prevalent type of shipping box. This is because it is easy to use and seal. If you are going to be shipping light products, a folding carton is a great choice.

4. Regular Slotted Containers

This is the standard box used in the packaging industry. It has same-sized flaps and is suitable for shipping small individual products. Although they do not allow for much customization, you can at least tweak with the print and the external design of the box.

5. Roll-End Tuck-Top Boxes

This type of box does not require any glue to assemble. All it needs is simple folding and you are set. They are a great choice for shipping retail products. The beauty of using this type of box is that you can customize it in many creative ways.

6. Full Overlap Boxes

The flaps on these boxes completely overlap the width of your box. This has the effect of making the box is tough and resilient. The flaps give the box a unique minimalistic appearance. This makes a full overlap box the most practical choice for shipping a product featuring enhanced, unique and creative designs.

7. Telescope Boxes

This type of box comes in two separate pieces: the base and the lid. Such boxes are predominantly used to package shoes. You can also use them package high-end products such as mobile phones and other digital gadgets. If you are looking for a unique way to present high-value products, the telescope box is perfect.

8. Custom Boxes

These days, technology has allowed people to create boxes of any shape and size. If you make unique custom-made boxes, your product will surely stand out and give the customer something to remember it with.

When shipping products, you have the flexibility of using the type of box that is convenient, safe and affordable. The nature of the item to be shipped is also a major determinant of the type of box to use. Whichever type you settle on, knowledge of the differences between the various types will help you pick the most appropriate for your products. The thing to remember is that every box has its unique advantages and disadvantages. Understand the specific requirements of the item you want to ship and then select a shipping box that will ensure your products get to their destination in the same condition you shipped them.


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