Office Cleaning Checklist: 12 Cleaning Tasks and Organization Tips ✓

Office Cleaning Checklist: 12 Cleaning Tasks and Organization Tips ✓

Keeping an office clean is no small task. It is important that you ensure that you have a cleaning crew who are attentive to every detail. If your entire office isn’t kept clean at all times then there can be real problems. From the impression that you give to your clients to the health and safety of your employees, you need to keep your office clean. The best way to ensure that your office is clean at all times is to hire a cleaning crew. You do need to make sure that they are able and willing to clean the office to the standard that you require.

To make sure that your office is perfectly organized, we’ve put the ultimate office cleaning checklist of everything you should be doing:

✓ Checklist #1 – Cleaning all office garbage cans

Emptying the garbage cans should be the first to-do item in your office cleaning checklist. Every desk in the office will probably have a garbage can underneath it. You may even have recycling boxes there too. Professional office cleaners should make sure that these are emptied every day. If garbage is left in there for just one day, it can start to smell or overflow. Once the garbage has been emptied the lining should also be replaced.

✓ Checklist #2 – Vacuuming the office

Next on your office cleaning checklist is vacuuming. It may not seem like you need to vacuum every day, but in an office, you will notice pretty quickly if it isn’t. Vacuuming isnt just about picking up small bits of dirt that are tracked in from outside. Vacuuming keeps the level of dust in the office down which is beneficial for all.

✓ Checklist #3 – Dusting the office

All surfaces must be dusted thoroughly if you want to have a clean office. Dust can build up in just a few days. You may not notice the build-up of dust, but you can be sure that potential clients and employees spot it right away.

✓ Checklist #4 – Use disinfectant

Once the surfaces have been dusted, you need to have the cleaning crew disinfect them too. This is very important for keeping everyone in the office happy and healthy. When employees get sick it can cause delays and increase the workload for everyone.

✓ Checklist #5 – Get rid of all cobwebs

You might think that this would be covered off in the dusting section of the cleaning. The problem with cobwebs is that they are sometimes in hard to reach places. This can mean that there need to be special measures in place to clean them off.

✓ Checklist #6 – Clean fingerprints

These can crop up anywhere and should be cleaned thoroughly. Glass doors are one of the most obvious places where fingerprints can show up. This means that your cleaning staff need to be extra vigilant when they are cleaning your office.

✓ Checklist #7 – Spot clean

Your cleaning team needs to be able to think for themselves. If they see something that needs to be cleaned that is not in there usual cleaning schedule then they need to act. If there have been any spills or marks on the walls during the day they should be gone by the morning.

✓ Checklist #8 – Clean all mirrors

This takes special cleaning supplies and a little patience to get right. You should be able to come into the office in the morning and see a completely blemish free mirror.

✓ Checklist #9 – Clean the bathrooms thoroughly

Bathrooms are an area of the office that needs some special care and attention. Every one of your employees will have used these facilities multiple times in a given workday. They need to be cleaned and sterilized. You should also make sure that the cleaning staff are replacing the soap and toilet rolls frequently as well.

✓ Checklist #10 –  Clean the office elevators

The elevator buttons need to be cleaned every day. They are a breeding ground for bacteria so you need to make sure that this is not missed.

✓ Checklist #11 – Polish all surfaces that need it

If you have any metal or wood surfaces you will want them to look their best at all times. This can only be done if you have a cleaning staff that are willing to go the extra mile. You need them to be very attentive to the cleaning materials that they use as you don’t want to ruin the finish on any of these areas of your office.

✓ Checklist #12 – Tidy all areas

This only takes a moment, but cleaning an office is only a small part of the job. If there are loose items all over the floor and desks it will still look untidy. You may want to encourage your staff to keep their desks organized. This small bit of effort will allow the cleaning crew to do their job much more effectively. You will also not have to worry about having documents moved. This is a concern for many office workers. If you keep loose papers on your desk, you may find that a cleaning crew will not touch them. This means that your work will be left undisturbed, which is a good thing. It also means that your desk won’t be cleaned completely.


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