8 Ways to Use a Fire Blanket

8 Ways to Use a Fire Blanket

Fire blankets are an essential safety element that should be readily available in any workspace or home. These are often called flame retardant blankets and are used to fight fires and can even be used to avoid burns during the evacuation of a burning building. Essentially what a fire blanket does is suffocate a fire by denying it oxygen. The material used is very heat resistant and has been designed to fulfil its purpose very well.

The vast majority of fires start off small and if everyone knows where basic firefighting equipment is then it is possible to stop any potential small fries from getting out of control. If you need further convincing of the need to have fire blankets readily available then please read on.

1. Anyone can use them

Fire blankets are very easy to use. They are lightweight and can be used by someone of any size or strength to put out a fire. They are quick and easy to deploy and can achieve the desired result of putting out the fire in no time at all.

​2. You can use them on any type of fire

Fire extinguishers have their limitations and can only be used for certain types of fire. Fire blankets have been designed in such a way that allows them to be effective and safe to use when extinguishing any fire. This can make all the difference when working in a space that could cause any number of different types of fire.

3. It can be used to protect

As the material is effective at blocking heat it can act as a barrier to protect someone who is escaping from a fire. All that you have to do is cover yourself with the blanket and then run to safety. It may be worthwhile explaining this concept to those who may need to use it.

4. Fire blankets can be used to save someone on fire

If someone’s clothes are on fire, a fire blanket can be used to extinguish the flames even if there is an accelerant at work. Water will not be as effective and a fire blanket can be deployed instantly. Using fire blankets this way can and has saved lives in the past.

5. They require no maintenance

As there are no moving parts or chemicals once you have placed the fire blanket on the wall in a visible and easy to reach place there is nothing to do. Other than periodic checks to make sure that nothing is blocking access to the fire blanket you will have a very effective fire safety tool ready to go at a second’s notice.

6. They are not expensive

Fire blankets are a very economic way of complimenting your existing fires safety procedures and equipment. You can place a number of them around the building and then enjoy the peace of mind to know that one of these versatile and reliable means of fire prevention can be accessed at any time.

7. They are incredibly versatile

They can be used in pretty much any professional environment from kitchens to warehouses as well as in the home. There is some training that can be completed on the operation of a fire blanket but for the most part, the use of it is fairly intuitive.

8. They’re so easy to replace

If a fire blanket is used, all you need to do is replace it with another one. It’s really that simple. No installation or construction, Just replace the fire blanket with a new one and you are fully protected once again.


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